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Bleep bloop, me again.

The Lekgolo - or Hunter - is one of the more formidable adversaries in the Halo universe and now you'll be able to have a full army of them in Halo Wars 2, lead by a deadly new leader: Colony, as well as a varitey of new units to complement the playstyle of their leader. These guys are the some of the tankiest units in the Halo Wars game, with units able to soak up massive damage and deal out just as much in return if you're not careful.

Here's a short summary of some of the new units and abilities
  • Hunter Captain - Hero unit with heavy armour and health draining siphon beam and a Taunt ability to redirect enemy fire
  • Skitterers - Lekgolo scout turrets that can attach to other units to provide additional health and firepower
  • Goliaths - Two hunters combined into one to create a massive tank style unit that has powerful melee attacks designed to take down anything in it's way
  • Living Barrier - Leader Power: Tank traps/area denial made from Lekgolo worms can provide intel to your team about enemy movement
  • Vehicle Symbiotes - Leader Power: Powering up vehicles with Lekgolo worms
Watch the vidoc below:

Following the World Championship Series finals last month, the 343i sandbox team began a mission to collect and document as much player feedback as possible on the state of the Halo 5 weapon balance and have come up with some possible solutions to address any balance issues or concerns players may have had. They spent time collecting information from top players around the world and have taken all their feedback into consideration for the upcomming competitive season.

Here's a quick overview of the changes:
  • Assault Rifle: The weapon has been removed from competitive play as it was deemed too effective over a wide range of skill levels. This means all players will start with a pistol only
  • Energy Sword: The movement speed boost was negatively affecting games of CTF on Truth so this has been removed
  • Splinter Grenade: Not performing in it's intended role of area denial, so this has been removed
  • Brute Plasma Rifle: Deemed too effective in removing player shields so this has been removed
  • Weapon Respawn Timers: Some weapons were respawning too fast, so these timers have been increased (does not affect weapon pads)
If you want a full list of changes and a more detailed explanation as to the changes made, click here

7 years ago on April 15th, Microsoft ended support for it's Xbox Live service for the original Xbox and Halo 2, just under 6 years since the groundbreaking Xbox Live service was announced. Many users clung on to the servers until they eventually dropped out, with a handful clinging on until the very end. The final players became known as the Noble 14 as they clung onto the service to show their support for the service and to show Microsoft and the world how much Halo 2 meant to them and the Halo community. Apache N4SIR was the last known player on the service, finally being booted at 1:58am on May 11th, nearly a month after the the support for the service ended. The dedication that this small band of players showed the gaming community that Halo was not going to go quietly into the night. See below for a few more details on those Noble players:

Finally this week, I found some videos on Reddit & YouTube of some ridiculous scripting in Halo 5's forge mode, check them out below. I can barely make a door open, let alone what this guy has managed. They have to be seen to be believed.

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