Event HaloCustoms vs the World

If you've been around HaloCustoms for any lngth of time, you'll know that a new Halo game brings with it exciting new custom gaming events, forge contests, and more. With Halo 5's launch in our rear-view mirror, and with the opening of our robust new Custom Game section, it's time to kick things off! We hope you'll join us this weekend for the next installment in our HaloCustoms vs the World event series!

HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long series of game nights where forum staff lead brave users into battle against the evil forces of the rest of the internet. This time around, we hope you'll join us on the battlefields of Halo 5's Big Team Battle and Warzone playlists to once again show the World that we are better than them at Halo. Much of the event will be broadcast on our new Twitch channel and the logistics of a video recap are being discussed as well.

The lobbies:
What's a Warzone? - Friday, November 20th - 6:30pm EST
"Since I am still a fan of Warzone over the new BTB playlist, my lobby will consist of a few hours of Warzone and some Warzone Assault, to mix things up a little bit. I'll be looking to hold a 12 player team for the whole lobby and I'll be keeping a party chat up to avoid the dreaded game chat. :ao Prepare for a night of shenanigans and fun!"

Team Fronk Reunion - Saturday, November 21st - 9pm EST
This Saturday, I will lead a contingent of brave HaloCustoms warriors into battle... Big Team Battle, that is! We'll try to keep our party around eight players and explore H5's new BTB environments together. I suspect some of the Cartographers who worked on said maps will be present to share some secrets on them, too.

Blargzone w/Potato Salad - Sunday, November 22nd - 3pm EST/8pm UK
"War, war never changes...wait...wrong game! I'll be hosting some Warzone so I'll be aiming for a 12 player lobby. There will be scout hogs, ONI hogs and probably some other cool stuff that goes BOOM. Send a message to SOLIDSNAKEee 30 minutes before the lobby."
How to join:
Scheduled lobbies are something we're still working on implementing in our new lobby system, so forgive us for the somewhat complicated RSVP procedure this time around. To claim a spot, respond below stating your intentions to attend one or more of the lobbies listed above. Each lobby will be created a few hours in advance on the day which it takes place. Once creating the lobby, the host will message members who RSVPed on a first-come, first-come basis with a password to enter the lobby. From there, you will be able to easily request an invite using the system. All of the lobbies will be opened up for everyone (RSVP or not) to join once they are in progress, but this will ensure that those who RSVPed early are guaranteed a chance to join. It's easier than it sounds and we promise that this process will be much more straightforward in the future.

That's about it! RSVP to claim a spot in your lobby of choice, and we'll see you next weekend. If you want a look at how fun these events can be, you can view a recap from a previous HC vs the World event below. This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of HaloCustoms events in Halo 5, too, so stay tuned!

May the Fronk be with you, always. :fronk:


I do say that I request an invitation to all following congregations of Fronk (praise be unto him) to engage in combat. However, should the third congregation be reserved for European chaps, I shall be absent in respect of said players.

Jolly good day and may the Fronk be with you. :fronk:
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The :fronk: is strong with these lobbies. Team :fronk: will rise once again over the world, raining bullets and fire down upon those that would oppose us. Long live :fronk:, our blue overlord. In all seriousness, I am in. Let's do this!
I always miss these events. :(

Maybe I'll be able to join Snake.

Edit: I was able to join Snake and had fun. Thanks for hosting, Snake!
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