Event HaloCustoms vs the World #2

Which games do you most look forward to playing in the event?

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Gather 'round, friends of Fronk, and remember the battles we fought a few weeks ago. Remember that we went up against the world and sent them home crying. Remember that we took all of our frustration towards 343's stewardship of the Halo franchise out on Lazerbeard: a 343 employee. Remember our Elephant-top roadblock party. Remember the warthog which carried seven brave Spartans into battle only to be destroyed by a single plasma grenade. Under the guidance of our beloved Fronk, we made hundreds of nerds rage across virtual battlefields throughout Halo 3, Halo CE, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3...

And, if you can't remember, watch this.
Now it is time for us to rise up once more and prove to the rest of the world that HaloCustoms is a pretty cool guy that kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. Like last time, we will have a trio of lobbies in an effort to account for those silly things called time zones. If you weren't around last time, this is an event where teams of us proud HaloCustomers go into the BTB playlist in matchmaking and show everyone else who's boss. It's all in good fun, of course!
HaloCustoms vs the World: Tea & Crumpets Lobby - 4pm EST - Saturday, May 30
adderrson will lead the first team into battle.​
HaloCustoms vs the World: Coffee & Donuts Lobby - 10pm EST - Saturday, May 30
Psychoduck and Flying Shoe ILR will lead the second wave.​
HaloCustoms vs the World: United Offensive Lobby - 5pm EST - Sunday, May 31
As if the world hadn't already had enough, the final assault will be launched on Sunday.
We hope that at least one of these lobbies will fit your schedule, click on the individual lobby links for details on how to join. Highlights from this event will be compiled into a recap video just like last time. Lastly, a huge thanks goes out to WhiteWolfLegend for being generous enough to send me a spare microphone to use in my recording setup for the event! May the Fronk be with you! :fronk:

Also, what were some of your favorite moments from the last event, and what are you looking forward to most about this one? Which games, maps, and modes do you hope to play?


:fronk: über alles! Vive :fronk: ! :fronk: for president 2015.

Gotta say, killin' Lazerbeard was pretty fun. So was Avalanche, and the infinite supply of Splazers the other team had. :rofl: