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Greetings fellow Halocustomians! At long last the BTB playlist has gotten a much-needed injection of new content. Starting this week, there are six brand SPNKrn' new forge maps available to be played in Matchmaking. Alongside the other maps already in the playlist, there are now 12 options in rotation, ensuring variety every time you play! Check out the new additions in the video above, and happy 'hogging!
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My humble thanks goes out to everyone who partook in test after test. I'm glad to see our hard work payed off!
Seeing my map in matchmaking makes me very ecstatic! Couldn't have done it without you guys.

Thanks again!
To anyone that thinks that you can't really have fun or be effective anymore in the Warthog in Halo 5, all you need is a good driver,good gunner and the map Scavenger! It's been a long time since I've seen a map make the chaingun hog a legitimate threat in Halo again, but in the 2 games I've played with all randoms btw (me driving), my gunners and I have had some really great warthog runs around 10 kills average per run and a whole lotta epic jumps, splatters ect. took place! Can't say enough good things about this map and it's truly a wonderful and rare thing in Halo when the Classic Warthog with the right gunner and driver is a thing to be feared and most importantly respected again for the first time in a very long time! : , ) Halo 3 on maps like Standoff; Avalanche, Sandtrap, Rats nest and Valhalla were the true glory days imo of the standard Chainhog but this map really offers a little slice of "hog heaven". : , )
^Happy Hogging Indeed!!^
BTW- Haven't got to take the Hog out for a spin on these other maps in MM yet, but maps like Eagle Square, Altar and some of the others seem promising for effective Hog Gameplay.
Now we really need to stress 343 to bring back the wheelman medal which has needlessly and shamefully gone missing in Halo 5. So sadly Now if you have an epic run in a Warthog and get your friendly trustworthy gunner like 30 kills it will show you with 0 assists since Wheelman dont count for anything, making it look to others like you were doing almost nothing the whole game even if you actually might be the MVP on your team!! Oh wait we dont have a thing that really shows who the MVP is, which would be a really sweet addition to Halo 5 as well as it was in 3. Shame Shame 343.. : ,(
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