Get A Clue Forge Contest


So recently, a good number of members in the Halo Customs community have been introduced to this crazy game called Clue. To celebrate the triumphant return of one of my age old favorite custom gametypes on Halo, I’ve decided to host a forging contest dedicated to expanding the word of Clue out to the community.


What is Clue?

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Clue is a custom gametype that dates back all the way to the early days of Halo 3. It was originally created by TenderBisquit, the mastermind behind the Ghosts of Onyx forging community. The game has been played from Halo 3, through Halo Reach, and even now in Halo 4 on a fairly large scale. In every installment, the game has changed in terms of the rules to follow and the flow of gameplay. However, it is a game that has stood the test of time in Halo Customs and is continued to be played by the community.

A lot of new players comment that Clue plays a bit like the popular PC mod Trouble in Terrorist Town, and I’ll admit that it does, but the rules for the game are significantly different, especially since Clue has been around before Trouble in Terrorist Town even came to be.

In a nutshell, Clue is a game of deception. It consists of one round games, where in the lobby there is a chosen game master, referred to as God, who selects his killer(s) in the lobby before starting the match. During the actual game, players have to try to figure out who the killer or killers are and take them out before they wipe out all of the innocent players.

There are several honor rules based around this game, and if you want to learn the specifics behind Clue and how it works, take a look at this very informative thread titled “Clue (For Those Who Haven’t A Clue).”

Contest Rules and Requirements
  • The map must be able to support the Classic Clue Gametype (which can be downloaded here)
  • The map must support up to 16 players
  • Up to two maps may be submitted per forger
  • Only up to two forgers may work on a map together, no more
  • All maps must be forged on either Erosion, Impact, Ravine, or the new Forge Islands
  • You may place any weapon you would like on your map, but you may place no more than one of each weapon and you must set each weapon to never respawn
  • All maps must be submitted before 12:00 AM PST (GMT - 7:00) on May 1st, 2013
  • First place will receive 1600 MS points (or 800 MS points per forger for a co-forge)
  • The runner up will receive 800 MS points (or 400 MS points per forger for a co-forge)
  • The top five maps will have official reviews posted in the winning thread
  • The top three maps will be showcased on a video on The Halo Forge Epidemic’s Youtube channel

How will each map be judged?

Maps for this contest will be judged based upon the following credentials:
  1. Aesthetics - originality, creativity, atmosphere, effective use of the forge pallet and environment, etc.
  2. Playability - How fun the map is for Clue? How difficult is it for the killers? Are weapons in interesting and balanced locations? Do the hidden areas and secrets enhance or bring down gameplay? Are the lines of sight too open or too closed off? Would we want to play this map again? etc.
  3. Mechanics- map breakability, clean forging, basic Clue map requirements, etc.


To submit your map into the contest, upload the map(s) onto your fileshare and send me a message on XBL (gamertag: Master Debaytes) saying “Get a Clue: [insert map name here]” where you type in the name of your submitted map.

Also, if you wish to update a submission to one of your maps, you still have until May 1st to resubmit the map by sending a message to me on XBL with the following text format: "Update: [insert map name here]."


Game Sessions

I and my panel of judges will be hosting testing sessions for all of the maps submitted. Lobbies will be posted to and kept updated in the original post of the discussion thread. Instructions on how to get into each lobby will be posted in each game lobby thread.

If you have any questions or comments about the contest or contest rules, send a private message to either Master Debaytes or A J Yusi. You may also ask any questions here in the official thread.


I look forward to all of your submissions and happy forging! :y:

UPDATE: We will accept submission forged on the new Forge Islands released on April 11st. However, the deadline will remain as May 1st, 2013 at 12:00 AM.​
UPDATE: We will now accept updated submissions to already submitted maps, these map updates will not add to your submission count but you still only have until May 1st.​

UPDATE: Submission are due by 12:00 AM PST (GMT - 7:00) May 1st, 2013.
By the way guys, don't expect the testing sessions for the contest to go on for at least another two weeks or so. The only way it'll come sooner is if we get a ton of submissions in a short amount of time.
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