Gaze Upon Thy Animators' Glorious Toil!

I've always wondered what every single assassination looked like. Some are really hard to find, and when you do them, you have to try your darndest to convince your buds that it actually happened. Here are, as far as I can tell, all of the Halo 4 assassinations.

My favorite is Part 2. Those are the ones you've probably never seen before!

Part 1​
Part 2​
Sweet post, I have gotten a few of the odd ones, sometimes my camera has gone into the wall while they're being done... Which is quite unsatisfactory.

Otherwise, I love the Assassination animations in this game!
I really love it when they're replayed in slow-motion. You really start to feel the impact of what the Spartan's are doing, and the way the victim reacts almost makes you feel bad for murdering him... :eek:
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Awesome videos! Assassinations are the most humiliating way to die and I hate it when it happens to me but love it when I pull it off on an opponent.
If I could i would add some frontal melee animation like if you hit them the second time you punch there maskin an they die from glass to face or like you kick them or smash there head on your knee guard or you can take your elbow to them
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the assassination on the Watchers is by far my favorite, i've never even thought to assassinate one of those things.

and oddly, its still sinking in how awesomely violent assassinations are, its like the only truly rated m thing about halo games.
I love the assassinations in this game. They really are one of the few things that I love in this game moreso than in any other.

This one time, when I was playing MP, I got assassinated. I then stood up quickly and slapped my xbox very hard. It only scratched the disc a little bit. Also, I was a little (very) drunk....

Dax no, I don't have a sword.