Map Preview Embarcadero

Skyward Shoe

Platinum in Destiny
Dec 24, 2012
Redmond, Washington

Oh, hi guys. It's been a while.

I've been working on a new Big Team Map. A few of you might remember a map I made a long time ago in Halo: Reach called Embrcadero, or perhaps the Halo 4 version Embark, my Halo 4 map Breakwater, or the H2A remake Wharf. All of these maps had different layouts but came from the same point of inspiration: a trip I took many years ago to San Francisco.

I decided that it was time for another crack at this idea, and I think I've nailed it this time. Embarcadero is set in the hilly streets of the Bay Area, centering on a currently-under-construction hotel complex. Red team spawns at the construction zone while Blue spawns at the finished hotel. The map is symmetrical believe it or not, cutting right between the streets from the Overshield to the Fuel Rod Gun. Right now Ghosts and Mongooses are the only vehicles, as Warthogs didn't fit the tight streets very well. I plan to do some testing on this soon for Slayer, CTF, and Assault. Feel free to grab this file and play it in your own lobbies. Be sure to send me feedback if you get the chance to play on it!