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Jan 25, 2016

Hello everyone I've decided to create a forge guide document for getting a maps ready for match making standards and along with other helpful hints. The main reason why I have created this is because there is a certain setup for match making. I see maps not meeting these standards however they are aiming for match making. This will be helpful on saving time for redesign and retesting for when maps get consider for match making. Also this should save a lot of stress on designers having to redesign their maps.

If you don't really care about creating a map for match making I have included a small list for the weapon pad glitch towards the bottom of the document.

A few things that you will find in this guide is

- Set aside piece count

- Spawning

- Game types

- Cinematic

- Weapon timers

- Weapon projectile list (weapon pad glitch)

Also, please keep in mind that this will receive new content along with updates to reflect HCS/Match making changes as well.

Ill be linking a google document, this will make it easier to update the notes across websites.

Matchmaking guide link

Special thanks to
Sn1p3r C
Ray Benefield
Given To Fly
Creative Force

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