Event Community versus Community: Friday Lobby Recap

Yesterday, we held our first Community versus Community event with 343i Community Forum. The lobby began with a few warm up matches on several maps including Brutalist, Solasium, and Citadel. It was at this time that I remembered how bad I am at Halo. Nevertheless, I was positive that Team HaloCustoms would claim this victory with the likes of Sky, CDX34 , and SteelGreen on our side. When the members of 343i Community Forum began to show their prowess on the virtual battlefield, however, that mindset quickly shifted. Thus begins the tale of the greatest rekking of our time...

Game 1 - Slayer on Perseus

HaloCustoms - 10 | 343i Community Forum - 50

Game 1 was the storm before the storm (yes, you read that right). Those of us on Team HaloCustoms entered the match with our hopes high, but it was all for naught in the end. Our bullets just couldn't find their mark as we struggled to mount any form of a counter offensive. Team 343i's great weapon control proved to be a major threat throughout the game. Not to mention GermanShephard's excellent use of the Sniper Rifle. Had it not been for ♥ Sky and CDX34, this match would have been a complete blowout. Indeed, 343i wrecked us this round. We reassured ourselves that it was just a warm up match, though, and pressed on...

Sky managed to pick up some kills after getting a hold of the Rocket Launcher...

But we got sniped on several occasions.

Game 2 - Slayer on Contract

HaloCustoms - 24 | 343i Community Forum - 50

Game 2 was played on a remake of Halo 3's Construct. Team HaloCustoms started this match out with a slight disadvantage as CDX34 was trapped within the infamous blackscreen limbo. Sky and I toughed it out in the bowels of Contract (literally) until he was able to join us on the battlefield, though. Nevertheless, 343i once again took the game with an excellent display of map control as they forced us to challenge their high ground advantage throughout the match. We brushed off the loss and once again reassured ourselves that this was not the end. The true testament of our skill was about to begin...

Team 343i maintains their control of the high ground

"Let's just wait for them down here..."

Game 3 - Battle Golf on Gingerbread Falls

HaloCustoms - 0 | 343i Community Forum - 3

A mini-game! Game 3 was our chance to shine... or so we thought. We devised an ingenious strategy going into this match; CDX34 would immediately push towards the enemy spawn to pose a distraction while Sky and I hammered the ball uphill. As you can see, this strategy didn't work. Round after round we would fail to move the ball up the mountain before it was returned to the bottom by the "ice" hazards. We did get it to the top on one occasion, but it was too late. 343i once again took the game and, with it, the set.

"You guys do know that you don't always use the hammer, right? Good." - CDX34

Team 343i displaying their prowess at Battle Golf

So there you have it! Team HaloCustoms may have lost this battle yesterday, but we haven't lost the war! If you haven't already, make sure you join our Saturday and Sunday lobbies! Also, don't forget to vote for maps and modes to be played during the event.
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You forgot rounds 4, 5, 6 & 7!

Round 4: Beer Pong
HaloCustoms 8 - 343i Community Forum 5

A classic party game, we were struggling to find a way to beat these guys, so we took an alternative approach that required a completely different skill. no longer would we be sniped across the map and ambushed at each corner by a 343i'er looking to tear is a new one. This required us calling on skills we learned while drunk at college and university. After a false start not understanding how the buttons work we got into it and called upon all our drunken memories to win 8-5. We won something!

Round 5: Race on Alpine Race
HaloCustoms 9 - 343i Community Forum 12

A free-for-all mashup, I was in the lead until a mine decided otherwise, leaving me in third behind two of the 343i guys. On the last bend, one of them crashed and got stuck and it was a mad dash to the line which I lost by mere seconds. Hilarity was had. The race hog horn doesn't work and it makes me sad. We could have won this, but I'm the world's most inconsistent player so you can point your magnums at me. Plsnosenpai

Round 6: Sky High
HaloCustoms 59 - 343i Community Forum 61

A weird one this game, everyone had a Void's Tear and were supplied with a large number of balls to throw at the enemy ground which would make the blocks they stood on disappear. After a good start winning the first round, 343i CF came back to beat us by a whisker, proving to us even more that the guys from 343i CF can kick our butts in slayer and mini games.

Round 7: Sumo
HaloCustoms 1 - 343i Community Forum 4

Everyone loves a good bit of sumo and again it was proved to us that we need to gain some weight and work on our sumo stance, as we got bumped and pushed around like small children. We won a round through a bit of skill™ and a lot of pushing, but the mongoose horns were in full flow and we weren't giving up.
I feel like I was mis-quoted for that Battle Golf line, but I don't remember exactly what I said. Something about how the hammer can send the ball backwards... I was then hit with a hammer and asked "What happened to not using the hammer?".

Anyway, I need to get warmed up so I can redeem Myself in one of the later lobbies.