Event Best of Forge '14, Let the Voting Commence!

After a one week hiatus, I'm proud to announce that the second phase of Best of Forge '14 has now commenced.

In the past week fellow staff members have been diligently processing your nominations for each category in order to determine what community creations have qualified to enter the voting stage of BoF'14.

Overall there was 133 total nominations for 62 different maps, across 7 alternate categories.

As a reminder the categories for Best of Forge '14 are;

To cast your vote for each category click on it's name to be redirected to the appropriate voting thread. Voting will last for 2 weeks and will close at 12AM EST 03/02/15.

As mentioned before in the nominations phase, voting for your own content if it has been successfully nominated is permitted. All votes for BoF'14 are also confidential to ensure that everyone votes for what they believe to be the best map and not the one that nearly has more votes than the most popular voted one that you happen to hate less.

As a further reminder each category will have a winner and two runner-ups. Both winners and runner-ups will earn an exclusive HC trophy worth 15 points and winners will also earn a custom title which can be voted for in the original BoF'14 announcement thread.

On behalf of the staff here at HaloCustoms I'd like to wish all of the nominees the best of luck. Happy voting! :)