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Love is in the air, apparently everywhere I look around or so the song goes. This weekend on HaloCustoms we'll be celebrating this "togetherness" in an slightly alternate context by how well as a pair you can operate as a singular hyper lethal vector and cause others much pain as you team shot and jointly teabag their remains for the ultimate humiliation.

So in honour of all this we want you to aquire your very own HC Valentine and show us all what an effective duo you really are this weekend by submitting your best clip of you both in action in this here submission thread. Instructions on how to record and submit your clip will be all be included there, so check it out once your done here. :)

So how do I aquire a HC Valentine?

As well as simply asking someone you play Halo with on a regular basis, it's also a good idea to pay a visit to the Shoutbox and simply ask somebody whom you think would be "pretty boss at cracking skulls" to "Be :mine:". Once you've acquired a Valentine it might be a good idea to post whom it is as your current status in a humorous fashion.

What if my clip is really good?

All the clips will be voted on by you, the community in the week following the weekend's submissions. Simply "smack that like button" on the clips you like in the submission thread to vote.
The couples featured in the Top 3 most liked clips will all gain the coveted "Be Mine :heart:" trophy. It's icon can be seen above. Isn't it cute? It's also worth mentioning that there hasn't been a chance to get this one since 2013, so prepare yourself HC Trophy Hunters.

Will there be any event based lobbies this weekend?

Yes. We do plan to play Multi-Team Doubles and Warzone with you all over the course of the weekend. We'll ensure that they are posted as replies to this thread by the respective host with a quick link to the details of their event here in this original post. Upcoming events will appear below;

Lobby #1 - 9pm EST - February 12
Lobby #2 - 3pm EST (8pm GMT) - February 13

So grab yourself a Valentine and get slaying. Don't forget to check out the submission thread for further details. Also Happy Valentines Day Weekend everybody! (Specially to those whom actually have a significant other).
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Okay, the first lobby will be held tonight at 9 PM EST. We will be playing with multiple teams of two on a variety of maps.
I'm too much shipbait for a Valentine's event.

Yeah, that's totally the reason I'm not taking part in this. Certainly not because I'm forever alone or anything, no...
Another official get-together for you all at a more friendly time for those of you that aren't stateside.

Today (Saturday 13th) at 8pm GMT/ 3pm EST.

We'll be playing some multi-team doubles and perhaps venture into the Warzone if the mood takes us.

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See you there :p