Be Mine Valentine Weekend Submission Thread


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Jan 16, 2013
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Welcome to the Be :mine: Valentine Weekend Submission Thread. What a mouthful.

I'll try to keep things short and sweet here, splitting this post into 3 sections. Rules, How to Submit and How to Vote.

First things first if you haven't checked out the main post all about this event, you can do so here.

  • Due to the nature of how the voting is set up for this event, all members including staff can participate in this event.
  • Submissions must be recorded in one of the lobbies hosted within the event or 343's Weekend Playlist "Double Date".
  • Each 'Couple' can submit a total of 2 clips, 1 per member of each team.
  • Naturally you can't like your own post but we kindly ask for you not to like/vote on your partner's post if they choose to submit also as it's like giving yourself a high five.
  • There is no limit on how many votes you have, so let the likes flow through you.
  • Submissions will be closed Monday 15th at 12pm EST to ensure you have plenty of time to post your clip here.
  • You don't have to wait until submissions have closed to start voting. If you can see it, you can vote on/like it!
  • Voting will be closed on Saturday 20th at Midnight (EST) and final results tallied so that an announcement can be made the following day, exactly one week after Valentines Day.
  • The top 3 most liked clips will win and featured in the results thread on the front page. Up to 6 HC members could win the "Be Mine :heart:" trophy under these circumstances.
How to Submit

To record your clip, simply double tap the Xbox guide button after something cool happens and then the blue "X" button your controller.

To post your clip on HaloCustoms you're going to want to do as follows;
  • Go to
  • On their home page type in your gamertag and search for it (top right)
  • Select the clip you would like to submit (this may take a few hours to appear)
  • On the right select the option "Embed Link", then copy the URL the in the address bar that the site takes you to.
  • At this point, simply click on the media embed button when posting (looks like a piece of film) then paste your link in the box.
  • Click "Embed" and watch your clip appear on your post.

On Your submission we'd really like it if you gave us the following information;
  • Your Clip
  • The Usernames of the HC Members in your couple (including yourself). Type these as "@ + Username" (without spaces or +, should look like this: adderrson)
  • A Brief perhaps funny description of your clip (could help you win more votes)
Here's an example; (Warning: The following video is not in-fact a submission and is highly irrelevant)

Valentines: User1 and User2
Description: Lame Description is Lame!

How to Vote

Easy as Pie. Simply scroll through this thread watch the selection of clips that other members post. If you stumble across a post that you like, hit the like button at the bottom right of the post. It's as simple as that. There's no vote limit so feel free to keep coming back and watching all the new clips and liking the ones that tickle your fancy as you go along :).

As mentioned previously further info on this even can be found here. All submissions can be found/should be posted below. Enjoy, have fun and good luck! :D
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