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You step into the interrogation room and shut the door behind you. The room is dark, but a lone figure slowly comes into focus, chained to a desk and bathed in the blinding light of a single lamp. A million questions come to the forefront of your mind, but before getting into it, you leave for some coffee. Suddenly, Batman appears behind the lone figure and slams his head into the... wait.​
Let's start over. Y'all have voted to question the newest addition to our happy staff family at HaloCustoms, and now it is time to do so. For the sake of ensuring that no one must ever endure the hardships which nearly destroyed our beloved Dax, we have wisely instated a limit of three questions per person. Ask away! :awesome:
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1. I was pwacticing the counting but then three was lost. Am I a potato now?
2. Is red blue and blue red?
3. What do the trip mines do? ;)
  1. As one of the few people (that I know of at least) who have been part of the forging/custom games community since Halo 3, what are some of your favorite memories from that time?
  2. What ungodly force made you disappear for Reach but then return for Halo 4?
1. How did you come up with the name: Master Debaytes?
2. Best friend on HaloCustoms?
3. Do you ever have super deep, meaningful conversations with people on this site, if so, with who and what about?
1. Anymore minigames in the works?
2. If e=mc^2, and life=42, what is the chance that I will have pancakes for breakfast?
3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
1.when will you guys update the site 2. Why is debaytes not a red yet ;) 3. When is a halocustoms staff hosting the next lobby
1. Best nickname somebody has come up for you. (I personally like Debbie Debauchery)

2. Can you give me all your shinies you have in Pokemon? kthx

3. When will we be seeing :debbie: in the smily list?

I could easily ask you these things on Skype but publicity and witnesses always make situations better.
1. if the first shall be last and the last shall be first does this mean you have at one point been in last?
2. If master chief was your daddy, who would your mother be?
3.If you had a beta Key for Project Spark, would you give it to me?
1. You walk into a room and the bag finally lifted from your head. You take a deep breathe and prepare for whats coming next. Finally a lone voice asks you a simple question "Which do you prefer, potato's or potatoes?".

2. Don't press that big red button. Nothing ever came god out of pressing the big red button.

3. Who's a better Batman. The amazing SOLIDSNAKEee Batman or the not so great Great Mist Batman?

:debbie: still needs to be a thing.
1. Who is the Staff member you can best relate to (no favorites of course)?
2. Please calculate this indefinite integral, given a,b,c,d are constants and pi = 3.14...
y = int[(a(b(cos((pi*x)/(0.5*c)))))+d] dx​
(I would enlist the help of Dax if you're stuck)​
3. What are the uber-awesome maps that you have in progress?
1. Can you karate chop a dozen bricks blindfolded with a time limit of ten seconds?
2. Can you find me a destiny beta code? (Please? Ill friend you on Xbox! :))
3. Do you want to make a halo game yourself??
How did you originally start forging?
Do you have any small tips/tricks?
If you had to pick which side of the American penny is your favorite, heads or tails?
1. Debbie, is it true that you love Little Debbie cakes, or do you prefer Drake's or Hostess?
2. Debbie, do you prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
3. Debbie, how far back do you remember playing Halo with me, and what gametypes/maps do you remember most fondly from back in the day?
1. Bacon or fried chicken? P.S, there's a correct answer.
2. If Jack has 2 apples and Jill gave him 4 more apples, what is the angle of the sun shining on Guatemala?
3. Do you still need a competitive map reviewer for the Review Crew?
1. Marry Fuck Kill: DirtyyJuicebox, Calah Rose, Dax. GO
2. What is your favourite species of snake.
3. Would you rather eat 5 gallons of ice cream in one hour (or you die) or watch Nyan cat on loop for 200 hours and that is all you can do (you get the 200 hours refunded, but still have the memories and what goes along with it).
4. (because fuk da rulz mayn) Peanuts or Pecans.
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