Srs Bzns Announcing the HaloCustoms Official YouTube Channel!

You read that bit right, we finally have our own YouTube channel! A few of you observant users may have noticed that little YouTube button that's been sitting at the bottom of the site for about a month now... or maybe not. During that time, we've been preparing and constructing the channel while also preparing ourselves (thanks for the Elgato by the way, Psychoduck) and finding time to do so in between our rather busy lives as of late.

Some of you may be asking yourselves "But why, uncle JiM, did HaloCustoms go ahead and started its own channel?" Well sit down, Bobbeh, and I'll let you in on a small tale. Once upon a time in the land of YouTube, there once was a noble YouTube channel called 'The Halo Forge Epidemic' or 'THFE' that was also partnered with the noble HaloCustoms website since the official launch of the site on January 9, 2013. The noble channel featured HaloCustoms related announcements, contest results and even lobby recaps up until late last year, but then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Circumstances out of HaloCustoms' control lead to the changing of the channel's name, leadership, and affiliation with the HaloCustoms family. This is where we introduce the brand new HaloCustoms YouTube channel, to fill that missing void THFE once held and more.

"Uncle JiM, you just said "we", so who are these people then? Who will be running this channel?" Now you're asking the important questions, Bobbeh. It's time to introduce our current team starting with our very own potato staffer and returning commentator from THFE, SOLIDSNAKEee, a community member who many of you may know who also runs his own personal channel, HAL0 M4N, and HaloCustoms' very own propane addict & yours truly, Jesus in Malibu!

As the HaloCustoms channel is under our own name, our content will strictly be related to the affairs of HaloCustoms and lobby recommendations. With the channel we'll be announcing HaloCustoms' latest events such as competitions, lobbies & lobby recaps, contests & contest results and more! Another piece of content we'll be covering are lobby recommendations which are similar to your typical map feature but faster to simply recommend a map or gametype to community hosts to play in their custom lobbies!

Without further adieu, I present to you our video introduction to the channel!

May the propane be with you,

Jesus in Malibu


One of these days I'll actually post content on My channel, and on that day I'll advertise the [nonsense] out of it on HC. But until that day, I'll be watching the official HC channel... Waiting... Possibly even commenting... And most definitely enjoying.