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Staff Q&A!
Welcome, one and all. For anybody who is somebody, you've recently read the Recap of the Staff vs. Community (see that link placement? Debra from marketing suggested that) and will have seen the winner of the interpersonal competition between Psychoduck and Flying Shoe ILR. As you may have guessed, Shoebert came out on top, and now he's going to be the one we're subjecting to all your incredibly odd and uncomfortably personal questions. Post away below, and don't be afraid to make them weird*!

But now that I mention it, the questions have been getting increasingly odd and irrelevant. This time around, let's try something new. Once the answers to your questions are posted, an Admin will select any number of questions and reward the asker with a srs bsns trophy for their outstandingly deft inquiry skills. This is, of course, at our discretion, but we're easily impressed! Post below, above, or to the left. :ao

*Remember, limit it to no more than three questions. Weirdness only acceptable within a 10% margin of the norm. Seriousness of answers is usually proportional to the respective seriousness of the question.
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1. Who's the best forger: you, mock, or duck?

2. Is it ok for vegetarians to eat animal crackers?

3. Is non consensual sex with a prostitute rape or shoplifting?
1. What kind of shoe?
2. Do you dream of a Warthog with more capabilities than the original 'hog?
3. Mad Libs: ___ (Vehicle) with ___ (Person) and ___ (Person) against a horde of ___ (Anything)
  1. It is rather clear that the "ILR" in Flying Shoe ILR stands for "I Love Rimjobs". Would you care to explain exactly what it is about rimjobs that you find to be so enthralling? Thanks, I'm quite curious.
  2. What have been a few of your experiences within the Halo community that have served as defining moments?
  3. If you could pick one of your favorite forge maps from either Halo Reach or Halo 4 and have it remade as a dev map, which map would you chose? What changes would you make to it, both aesthetically and geometrically, given the lack of limitations placed on dev maps? The map would play with ideal settings on the game type(s) of your choice.
EDIT: Pfft Teddy, you used the old Q&A banner. I fixed that for ya.
1. Which would you prefer: Shy Lone Fig, Leg of Shiny, Hinge of Sly?
2. If a humdinger were an animal, what would it look like? (original Paint illustration required).
3. Would you rather watch a 12-hour viddoc of turtle sex, or complete Buddy's Ninja Challenge?
Did you want to win or did it just come naturally?
Do you like to screw with the community in SvC (communication community)
In what order do you rank the forge canvass?
  1. Would you rather fight one (1) Knight-sized Watcher OR ten (10) Watcher-sized Knights? (Damage and Health scales with size)
  2. You wake up one morning, realizing your Xbox has been replaced with a Wii. What's your first reaction?
  3. What's the number one thing you would want to include in the next Halo title?
1. Why is your name Flying Shoe?
2. Why don't you make a GrmnEscaltrPrty clone? Would you?
3. What is your life like? (Where you go, what you do. If areas are too personal just generalize them)
1) How much do you REALLY love running?
2) Is Psychoduck your b*tch, or are you his?
3) What thing do you think Halo 5 needs most in it's forge that Halo 4 lacked?
1) Would you like Halo 5 to have a forge world like Reach, or several canvases like 4?
2) Halo or Metroid?
3) Who would you rather live with (as a roomate i guess), Master Chief, The Arbiter, Noble Team, Your Halo 4 Spartan, or Cortana?
I. Why the ILR at the end of your name and what does it mean?
II. Do you think that if a character is dead, say Cortana, do you believe they should remain in the grave?
III. What do you hold near and dear to your heart (so I may or may not bust it)?
1. I've heard every one else back story but what is yours, that specifies when and on what game did you start out on. Plus first Map. (Link be nice) :)
2. What is your real name? (If this is personal I understand)
3. How did you come up with the name Flying Shoe ILR. Don't leave out what the ILR means. ;)
1. Favorite Music Artist and Song by them.
2. What inspired you to start forging?
2. Can my Mist fit in your Flying Shoe? (See that ;) )
Ok, my first questions:

1. What would you do if you meet a Flying Boot ILR on Xbox LIVE?

2. Which do you like better: Pie or Pi?

3. Do you think Halo 5 will have a option to put goats in maps?
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