Srs Bzns A Call to Arms (and Keyboards)

With the increasing prominence of Forge in Halo 5, the potential for awesome Custom Games has also grown. Many forgers are creating new maps every day and we've now reached the point where enough content exists that a steady flow of customs and lobbies can come to fruition.

Forgers yield a varied harvest. Some sow the seeds of entirely new Halo experiences while others strive to perfect the core Halo formula. Similarly, our members have come to love different types of maps and modes. We would like to provide the best possible avenue for users to experience the kinds of forge content they enjoy playing.

A Call to Arms
At HaloCustoms, we've always been a community founded on the principle of playing user created content. Our main goal is to provide a service that allows the community to organize and interact with each other in playing Customs Games. However, our staff team is small in numbers, and this is not a feat we are able to perform all on ourselves. So, in short, we're issuing what we'd like to refer to as a call to arms.

We would like to crowdsource the HaloCustoms community to host a number of recurring lobbies of all shapes and sizes. Last week, we kicked off Monday Map Testing which saw great attendance and demonstrated high demand for map testing lobbies on the site. We believe the same will be true of other types of lobbies as well. Ideally, we would like to offer official lobbies on several nights each week. These could act not unlike rotating matchmaking playlists where players can experience something new and different each week. Perhaps Mondays would be map testing; Tuesdays might be mini games; Wednesdays, Warzone, and so on. We'd like these lobbies to cater to the interests and schedules of as many different types of players as possible.

That's where you come in.

There are many members here, some with years of hosting experience and some without, who could help make this vision a reality. We would like to open proposals to host official recurring lobbies to these members. Recurring lobbies should be held consistently, either weekly or bi-weekly (that's every two weeks, not twice a week). We see this as a way to take something we all already enjoy and organize it in such a way to maximize attendance and enjoyment for others.

To apply to host an official lobby, begin a conversation with our community admins* and include the following information.
  • What type of lobby you'd like to host (mini games, map testing, matchmaking, etc.)
  • The day and time you would like to host
  • A description of your past hosting experience or any other experience related to the type of lobby you wish to host
  • Why you'd like to host this lobby and why you think other members would enjoy participating in it
  • Your Skype username

A Call to Keyboards
Additionally, we are looking to recruit someone who is keeping up to date with Halo news and stories. We're asking for someone to take on a bit of a journalist role and write articles regarding recent Halo news and content for the front page of HaloCustoms.

To apply for this Halo journalist position, begin a conversation with our community admins* and include the following information.
  • A description of your writing experience
  • An estimate of how frequently you would be able to contribute articles to the front page (assume they'll average 350 words or so)
  • Why you'd like to fill this position
  • A sample article written by you on a Halo news topic of your choice or a link to a published article you have written elsewhere
  • Your Skype username

*The community admins are Auburn, Flying Shoe, and Psychoduck.
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I've always tried to be a dedicated Customs host, but since Halo 5 customs has had some things missing, it's been difficult. Especially when you're a Clue host. Hopefully we'll get some of those things that have been missing. but in the mean time, I do believe TGTL is planning on somethings to come ;)
We're still looking for able candidates, guys! If you're interested in hosting official lobbies for the site, send one of our administrators a message.