1th PT Forge-A-Thon Re-cap

Ten days ago, A selection of us in the HC community foolishly forged an assortment of woeful creations over the course of the first day of April. The aim was to then share our creations in a custom games session over the following weekend of which this is a re-cap for. To read more about the PT Forge-A-Thon click here.

Out of all the maps we played in said session last weekend, Box by Sgt x Slaphead (with aesthetics co-forged by Cpt x Craphead) stood out for it's complete no frills, two bases, one power weapon design.

Ignore how truly awful I played in this game (it's a recurring theme throughout all of these clips). Regardless of how simplistic this build was it was surprisingly a lot of fun to play.

On the flipside, there's "Fecal Factory" by Jesus in Malibu which harks back to Halo 4's trend of oversized maps that compensate for sprint with ridiculously unbalanced sightlines.

The reason this map was selected here was purely for the fight over "D", we all wanted it and it was raining grenades like a barrage of incineration cannons.

Finally included here on this recap is Pallock Out by Johnny23. It's worth noting that this map has nothing to do with the Forge-A-Thon per-say but was frankly a LOT of fun.

As you can see it is exactly how it sounds, a lockout inspired map made out of pallets and other destructible objects with surprisingly no framerate issues.

As well as the maps mentioned we also played the following Forge-A-Thon entries (click on the map names for gameplay clips):
Additionally, we enjoyed games such as Le Muskets on Psychoduck's 1v1 map "Behind the Sun" and also on a map called TinkyWinky, which Jesus in Malibu forged in the 15 mins before the session started.

I hope all those whom took part enjoyed constructing your creations, we certainly had fun playing on them. If you happened to polish your very own turd but were unable to attend the event, feel free to attach a picture of it here in the auburnHall of Flameauburn.

As a final note, congratulations to wizton for finally discovering the "Illuminati" easter egg I had hidden in the PT Forge-A-Thon announcement thread. :y:


Last weekend's lobby was auburn auburn HOT auburn auburn

Don't forget that Fecal Factory is inspired by 7 great maps!!!!!!!!!
Midship, Tesla, Sanctuary, Simplex, Foundation, Warlord and Fecal Frontier!!! OH BOY!
congratulations to wizton for finally discovering the "Illuminati" easter egg I had hidden in the PT Forge-A-Thon announcement thread.
:essias: That was a seriously hard to find Easter Egg, I'm suprised I even stumbled across it..

But anyway, I love this tourney and how it works, and I hope it returns again :lights:
GJ staffers
Ah crap. I worked my butt off to win this. ;) Maybe next time. Haha

Honestly though, sad I had to miss this. Looks like you guys had a really good time.