Event 1th Annual Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon


Ladies and gentleman, it's my privilege to present to you:


The PT Forge-A-Thon embraces the foolish nature of the day it takes place on. The goal is build an entire 4v4 map for competitive* play in less than a day on the 1st of April.

There are no prizes, only a guaranteed loss of dignity as a result of the utter tripe you will likely have time to create... but that's all the fun of the fair.

Instead we will celebrate a collection of dilapidated renditions of Rome (that were built in a day) in a series of custom game lobbies over the following weekend. Featuring our favourites on the front page and inviting all those whom participated to add an image of their woeful creation in our majestic "Hall of Flame™" (coming soon).

So what are the rules?
  • Submitted maps must have a creation date of the 1st April 2015.
  • Submitted maps must have a "last edited" date of the 1st April 2015.
  • Submitted maps must support 4v4 Slayer, CTF and King of the Hill.
  • Submitted maps must be created in the H2:A sandbox found within The Master Chief Collection.
  • Submitted maps can either be purposefully awful or the best that you can create in the allotted time, keeping in mind a focus on being fun to play. The former likely to be more successful in that regard.
If you are fairly new to forging you can find some helpful tips and tricks here courtesy of THFE, as well as the official guide to gametype labels in H2A here courtesy of Certain Affinity.
How do I submit a map?

Seeing how downloading a map in TMCC is a living nightmare and this event is purely jovial in nature, map submission is ultimately very simple. Upload your Frankenstein's monster to your file share and then join one of the official PT Forge-A-Thon lobbies over the weekend, we'll make sure all maps from all whom attend get played and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process. There will be a selection of these sessions available to accommodate multiple time zones in the respect of fairness and will announce these nearer to the time.

So that's that!

So build something, anything, that can be played 4v4 over 3 popular gametypes and put in as much or little work as you like.

Happy forging, we look forward to playing on your Turdriffic creations!

*We use this term very loosely here.



Inspired by 'Fecal Factory' and last but certainly not least, 'Tesla'. All the pro players will be raving over this map to get it into HCS Season 3!