1. Roughsta


    Trongoose Author's Gamertag: Roughsta Gametype Download Link...
  2. Roughsta

    Trun!! (2.0)

    Trun!! for your live! Updates & Changes Are Highlighted Like This Author's Gamertag: Roughsta Size: 2-16 Player (8 Recommended) Red, Blue, Yellow & Green Teams of up to 4 players. Game Mode Name: Trun!! Click Here To Download The Game Mode This is a Tron-bike inspired mini-game. It also...
  3. P

    Standard Acolyte 1.5

    Acolyte started out as an attempt to create a sequel to Priestess, an older map of mine. I borrowed some of the architecture style and color palette from that map, with a totally new layout. I imagined it as another temple built by followers of the same religion, hence the name. The map is...