master chief

  1. T

    Chief Armor Tag Replacements

    Hey guys, new to Infinite Modding, and want to try my hand at replacing Chiefs armor in Infinite using the runtime tag editor, like what OpulentHalo does on his YT channel. Currently I'm having an issue locating Chiefs tag in particular. So if anyone knows what it is, I'd be very appreciative...
  2. an Orca Dork

    Armor Modding File 0.6

    All regions should be set to -1 so you can focus on what piece you want no i'm not changing it THE INDEXES HAVE BEEN REDISCOMBOBULATED INTERNALLY AFTER AN UPDATE, ALL NUMBERS/ARMORS MAY HAVE THE SAME ORDER, BUT AT A DIFFERENT INDEX# AND MAY BE JUMBLED APART >>>ARMOR INDEX FILE<<< There's no mod...
  3. OpulentHal0

    So I Made Master Chief a Sith Lord... Kind of 001

    Gives Master Chief double the jump height, makes the grapple pull enemies to you instead of the other way around and changes the threat sensor to give the shock rifle discharge affect... If you find that some enemies do not come towards you, just reload the game, search up the enemies and then...
  4. J

    Can i Download..

    Hey guys, very new here. Was just wondering if i can download custom games to my xbox for master chief collection? Please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Tedium

    Ahmegergahhh I don't know

    A part of me always cringes at real-life, fan-made Halo videos. Another part of me dies when someone starts singing during one. Buuut... this one's pretty good! With tongue-in-cheek, these guys know exactly how to dance the Halo way. Check it out! Thanks to CJM0987 for sharing this! Edit...