1. Strepto

    Reach Vault of Glass PvP

    Download via File Share: XxUltimatePwnxX (Best played with TU Crazy King with a max of 8 players) Vault of Glass boss encounter from Destiny 2 re-worked as a multiplayer map for Halo: Reach. Supports Slayer, Team Slayer and King of the Hill. Rather than making a 1:1 remake of the final room...
  2. C

    Battle Golf Updates

    Hello there! I've just updated the Battle Golf Template (map) and Battle Golf Prefab (object group) to support 8v8 starts. Each initial spawn now has a unique spawn order value. Also, the map template has extended run starts to prevent players from harming teammates during launch...
  3. M

    Introduction Hi I'm new here

    Add me or hmu so we can start some customs lobbies. I prefer the 'competitive' style maps.
  4. Lost Pinecone

    Looking for something different to add to your custom games? Check out this puzzle map(video inside)

    Name: Dr. Tim's Time Machine GT: A Squid Loaf Check out the forgehub map post to learn more and for a guide using spoiler tags so you can just look at the section you need help with. The guide also features hints if you only want to get pointed in the right direction. Link...
  5. S

    Introduction Hi, I'm... Crap.

    Salutations. I am ShadowedWizard. I am an aspiring dude. My username is misspelled, and I can't seem to change it. I have made a 4v4 Breakout Boxing-ish gametype and map in customs. If you want to try it out, hit me up with a follow and find it in my files. That's all.
  6. Jebus

    Saved maps limit is 40 -- Bookmarked maps limit is 100

    Users have recently discovered the saved map file limit in Halo 5 is 40 (proof here). Furthermore, I went ahead and downloaded a bunch of random maps from friends to my bookmarks and discovered that the bookmarked map limit is 100, which appears to be unaffected by the amount of saved maps you...
  7. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Winter Contingency

    Download the Map Download the Gametype Whether or not you enjoyed Halo Reach's campaign, a look at this map is well worth your time. Winter Contingency is a remake of an area from the campaign mission of the same name. The map is set up for Flood, but the attention to aesthetic detail is...
  8. Psychoduck

    News THFE Map Submissions

    Most of you are already familiar with The Halo Forge Epidemic. Today, I am proud to announce a new development between HaloCustoms and THFE. THFE submissions are, as we speak, opening up on this site. The video below will explain all of the details, but this is a very exciting change...
  9. Psychoduck

    Meet Your Maker Dominion: Noteworthy Maps

    Now that the results for the Meet Your Maker 6v6 Dominion Forge Contest are finally out in the open, it's time to give credit to some of the maps that almost made the cut. These are the maps that made the judging process an interesting affair, with one of them missing the third place slot by...
  10. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Shipwreck

    Download Shipwreck here! The wreckage of the UNSC Turdburglar is spread throughout this rocky cove. What was once a peaceful inlet is now fraught with danger. Though time has passed, and nature has begun to reclaim the area, a faint hum can still be heard emanating from the dusty bones of this...
  11. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 1st Place

    And here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for. It's taken months, and we've looked at a lot of maps, but we have finally arrived at our winner. There were loads of great maps submitted, but this one stuck out the most. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you... Monsoon! Monsoon is...
  12. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 2nd Place

    I can't tell you how excited I am to be announcing the other runner-up from the Meet Your Maker 6v6 Dominion Forge Contest. I am so excited that I just had a bit of an, err, accident, which has resulted in my fingers getting rather sticky (Okay, that's pretty gross Duck). But seriously, I...
  13. Psychoduck

    Map Meet Your Maker Dominion: 3rd Place

    It's been a while since most of you have heard anything from this contest. Submissions have been closed for almost two months, and we apologize for the lengthy judging process. There were a few hiccups in our planning as well as some time conflicts between the judges. However, we were committed...
  14. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: Arknado

    Check out Arknado in the Map Database! Something is stirring deep beneath the placid waters of Forge Island. The water begins to twist and lash all around and a maelstrom appears, and out of it rises the dreaded Arknado, a fearsome whirlwind of water and… boats? I think it looks more like a...
  15. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Embark

    Take a look at Embark in the HaloCustoms map database! Have you ever imagined the world as a post-apocalyptic wasteland with depleted resources? If you have, fear not! The world's most precious resource just got even more abundant. Obviously the resource I am referring to is the world's...
  16. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: Exin

    Take a look at Exin in the HaloCustoms map database! Hello my fellow Forgers and Custom-bros! Tired of playing endless 1 v 1 maps? Well with the tournament done, we figured it was time to mix things up a bit. Introducing Exin, a 2 v 2 map built by our very own Zandril around the natural...
  17. Skyward Shoe

    Map THFE Feature: New Haven

    Download New Haven Download Game Mode While it's a few weeks past Halloween at this point (RIP Orange Customs), any time of year is a good time for a good Flood map! New Haven is a beautifully crafted Linear Flood map set in a dilapidated urban center. The scenery on this map is some of the...
  18. Psychoduck

    Angst: Quarter-Finals Map Reveal

    Angst The More Things Change... The more they stay the same. As we enter the Quarter Finals, we must turn our gaze to a map which is familiar to many of us. Lovingly designed and crafted in Halo: Reach by The Xzample, Angst is a pinnacle in 1v1 map design. This is a map you want to get to...