halo: reach

  1. NightHero

    Reach Night's Jenga Map This is the first version.

    A well made Jenga Game. Built even explosives launcher. Very good map. I'm very proud of it.
  2. rayner

    Reach Starfall

    GT: n0mnom321 Gametype is "Invasion: Starfall", or you can use regular invasion and switch the attackers to Spartans. Download the map from my file Share STARFALL Welcome to Starfall. Starfall is an Elite defense invasion map with a very specific theme and experimental gameplay dynamics...
  3. Tedium

    IWHBYD Memories

    Ever since I discovered the IWHBYD skull in Halo 3, I've been playing each and every campaign with it on. Someone made a neat video showing off the funniest lines that NPCs can spout out. It's two parts funny, one part nostalgia. Enjoy!