big team

  1. S

    Standard Rahzuine 2016-06-26

    Rahzuine is the sister structure to Zahruine. Forruner in origin. Its said to disrupt coms using its center structure to send out pulse waves. Its been said to have destroyed incoming threats in with one pulse. Scientific theorists believe its a Forunner weapon to hold off flood invasions in the...
  2. Foxy Papa Smurf

    Standard Imperial

    Imperial is a big team battle map created by myself, Foxy Papa Smurf. The map is a pseudosymmetrical arena-style map with two main bases and a prominent center structure that can be used for map control. Facebook: Youtube: Twitter...
  3. Psychoduck

    Map THFE Feature: Embark

    Take a look at Embark in the HaloCustoms map database! Have you ever imagined the world as a post-apocalyptic wasteland with depleted resources? If you have, fear not! The world's most precious resource just got even more abundant. Obviously the resource I am referring to is the world's...