Deals Deals with Gold: January 12th

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This week's deals are a good week for race fans. If the Forza series of games isn't for you, there likely isn't something that will take your fancy this week.

On that note my recommendation this week on Xbox One for those that do enjoy that genre of game is the Forza Horizon 2 Porsche Expansion at 50%. The expansion adds 10 Porsches, 10 new bucket list challenges, new rivals events as well as 500 additional gamerscore. Along with the Storm Island DLC that was on sale last week if you cherry pick your game add-ons, this is one of the 2 well worth picking up seeing as it adds more content to the game other than just "MOAR CARS". :p

On Xbox 360 it's slim pickings this week with only 3 items on sale. This week though you can answer the age-old question of "Can it run...

Event 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest

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With today being the third anniversary of this website's relationship with the world, the number three has been a recurring theme. We'll be running a Staff vs Community game night focused on the three-base Strongholds mode soon. First, though, we'd like to announce a new mini forge contest. Great big events like the Meet Your Maker Forge Contests are good fun, but it's nice to have smaller lighthearted events like this one every now and again as well. These mini contests will tend to focus on more niche experiences and won't be taken too seriously.

Ending just in time for a Bring-a-Valentine game night to christen the maps, the 2v2v2 Mini Forge Contest will be a fun, low-stakes event which tasks entrants with coming up with fun maps for a unique mode of their choice. Whether it's a triangular battleground for vehicle shenanigans or Sweat City: the hottest 2v2v2 Slayer map of all time, it's fair game as long as it's designed around...

Event Happy 3rd Birthday HaloCustoms!

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Three years ago on this day, a tiny blue website came kicking and screaming into the world. Its parents looked on, one going a tad @Insane and the other eating a BigStack of pancakes. Meanwhile an equally Psychoduck was making ready to bring in a wave of new friends who would soon call the site home.

Since then, we've been through all manner of things together. The release of each new Halo title has brought ups and downs to activity and have changed how the site is structured as well. The Fruit Transformation Machine has turned many a blueberry into oranges, and even a few into apples, to help out the original team: Insane, Bigstack, Lights, Tedium, Sargent Sarcasm, Titmar, Mocknizzle, Nondual, Wakko, Vincent Torre, Chuck, and Psychoduck.

We've made a lot of memories in that time. Contests were held...

Srs Bzns HaloCustoms Map Design Competition Results!

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Hello, denizens of HaloCustoms! After long hours of heated discussion between our judges, the results are in!​

...Is what I would like to say. I don't have the luxury of doing so this time around, though. Sadly, this competition saw unexpectedly low results despite its initial reception. In fact, of the 44 members that entered the competition, only 5 of them submitted their designs within the time period. While those designs were all commendable, we were naturally given less quality control with so few submissions to choose from. Don't fret, though! While there was indeed a small pool of designs, we did still select the two that we felt were the most well-designed and solid. Without further ado, here are the winners of the HaloCustoms Map Design Competition...

Deals Deals with Gold: January 6th

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Another week, another set of 'Deals' (I use that term loosely this week). What is new here in the first week of 2016 is a new banner for these weekly posts.

Unfortunately there isn't anything worth me recommending this week. With all the the good offers over the 2 part countdown sale, this 'dry spell' is quite understandable. At the end of the day though we all have different tastes so do make sure to check if anything takes your fancy. There is a Backwards Compatible title hidden in there if you want to take a look at that. As usual you can find any Back Compat content accompanied by a :awesome:.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Srs Bzns HaloCustoms 2015: a Year in Review

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Here at HaloCustoms, we like to do cool stuff. So, join us (Auburn, Jesus in Malibu, adderrson, Master Debaytes, and Psychoduck) as we look back upon some of that cool stuff that we've done over the course of the last year. Sure, it wasn't our best year. By many accounts, it was actually the hardest year for the site. The slump towards the end of Halo 4 appeared to be looking up in late 2014 with the Master Chief Collection on the horizon and then, well, we all know how that turned out. Still, despite MCC's best efforts, we soldiered on and remained a tight-knit, laid-back community which continued to do cool stuff. Welcome, then, to HaloCustoms' 2015: a Year in Review.

Halo Memories (Duck)
In late 2014, I was approached to join in on a project to, alongside other YouTubers, share what I loved most about Halo. "The community" would have...

Cool Deals with Gold: Holiday Sale 2015 Part 2

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It's time for the second week of this year's Holiday Sale. With both weekly and daily deals available.

Once again due to the nature of this sale I'm making no recommendations due to how often this content is due to change.

Instead I will post the weeklong offerings in this initial post and post daily deals as replies. I'll also post an :awesome: next to titles supported by backwards compatibility and a :doge: next to items that are confirmed but not yet supported.

Daily Deals (Only available until the 31st of December):

As per the usual, all of this week's...

Cool Deals with Gold: Holiday Sale 2015 Part 1

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The Holiday Sale is finally here with a rather large selection of offers that span the next week with additional daily offers available also.

Due to the nature of this sale I'm making no recommendations due to how often this content is due to change (also there's a lot on offer, so scroll down and take a look for yourself).

Instead I will post the weeklong offerings in this initial post and post daily deals as replies. I'll also post an :awesome: next to titles supported by backwards compatibility and a :doge: next to items that are confirmed but not yet supported.

Daily Deals...

Cool Halo 5 Forge Q&A with Psychoduck

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By now, most of you have begun the process of wrapping your heads around the wealth of new controls, tools, systems, and objects in Halo 5's forge mode. I imagine many of you are finding this learning curve challenging, even daunting. As someone who went through the same process a few months ago on an accelerated schedule, I find this quite relatable. So, as you learn the ropes of the new forge, feel free to ask any questions, voice any concerns, and report any issues you encounter. I will do my best to answer your questions, and if I don't know the answer, I know a few others who just might. If we encounter issues, I also happen to know the people who are in charge of fixing them.

If you are learning faster than others, feel free to jump in and answer some questions yourself, too. And don't forget to talk about what you're building in the WAYWO thread...

Cool Deals with Gold: December 15th

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It's that time of the week again and frankly this has to be the weakest set of offers yet (This upcoming Holiday Sale better be good M$OFT!).

But yeah, there are really very few discounts across both platforms and most of the Xbox One sale items require an active EA Access as well as an active Gold subscription. On either platform I have nothing to recommend this week. (Although there are some Megaman games at 70% off on the 360 if that's your thing).

If you are looking for something to play this week I recommend giving the new GTA: Online update a whirl which now has now added the ability to own your own floating fortress. Then of course when a certain something launches later in the week, drop it like a stone for forge! :p

As per the usual, all of this week's deals...

Cool Deals with Gold: December 8th

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Let me just hijack this thread for just a moment to exclaim my excitement for the Rock Band 3 export this week and the potential for Halo 5's forge launching the week after.

Back on topic however with this week's deals with gold and there certainly are a few interesting items on sale.

Over on Xbox One it's Battlefield central with almost all BF4 or Hardline content at 50% off or higher. There is also another of the Killer Instinct fighters at $1 which I'm sure will come as a huge surprise to you, this week's fighter is Sadira (maybe your purchase might cheer her up).

The real deal this week is over on Xbox 360 with a selection of some of the Backwards Compatible titles on...

News Cartographer's Gift

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Shouldn't it be Cartographers' Gift? There were five of us, after all!

Those who tuned in to Thursday's Video Game Awards will already be aware of some of what to expect from Halo 5's December update. The trailer gave us a glimpse of what's comingt in this upcoming pile of juicy Halo content.

Today's Halo Community Update serves up a hot plate of details on what to expect from what's shaping up to be quite a large addition to Halo 5: Guardians. Below, you can find an overview of what new treats you'll have access to once the update drops on "the week of the 15th".


Battle of Noctus, Warzone map
  • Forge
    • Basic in-game file browser
    • New forge monitor UI...

Cool Deals with Gold: December 1th

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Apologies for this being a day late but honestly, you're not missing out on much. :p

On Xbox One this week in the aftermath of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the lacklustre offers resume. The Killer Instinct $1 fighter offer is back on and once again is my recommendation for this week with the character Orchid currently on offer. Worms Battlegrounds is 80% off also due to being on Games with Gold for free earlier this year, I can't personally recommend it. If you're a new Xbox One owner however it's well worth the price of admission.

Over on Xbox 360 however, my opinion is that there is no contest...

Cool Controlling the Warzone: Stormbreak

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Finally we're down to the last of the three launch maps for Warzone, Stormbreak! Now I'm going to be honest with you all, of the current lineup of Warzone maps in matchmaking, this is probably my least favorite... However that's because I see this map more of a linear push with less options around the map compared to the other two, and I'm a man who likes his options :awesome: (I'm so glad I got another chance to use that smiley).

Anyway, it's preference that dictates my opinion, nothing more. Let's get onto the guide!

March on Stormbreak


I will give you fair warning right now. This map has some strategies to it for sure. However as far as little tricks and jumps, there's too little to give them their own section. Therefore, slightly breaking the format of the previous two guides, I will cover them in the general information...

Cool Deals with Gold: Black Friday Part 2

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Black Friday is here and the means many of you Americans out there are off work/school/college etc for Thanksgiving. For me and most others around the world though it's just another day. I'm off to work in a little while and need to get this post out toot sweet. :p

Out of these new deals only one new addition really stands out to me, and that's the Wolfenstein Bundle at 80% off. Containing both The New Order and The New Blood, this bundle offers excellent value for those of us out there that love a casual playthrough of a campaign shooter (or two) as well as shooting Nazis the face repeatedly (what's not to like).

For those of you without an Xbox One however I'd likely recommend that you buy one in the sales today with Halo 5 pick up...

Competition HaloCustoms Map Design Competition

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Once upon a time, our resident Dax hosted a competition that forced forgers to drop their controllers and design a map under strict criteria. Halo 5 forge is just over the horizon, so what better way to stimulate your creative fluids than by resurrecting such a competition. That being said, I'm happy to announce the first installment of the HaloCustoms Design Contest! You can read about the details and cool prizes below.

Competition Details:
Below, you'll find two sets of numbered cards, each containing a unique design parameter. The blue numbers contain standards that relate to the overall layout and the red numbers contain specific design elements. If you choose to participate, you'll select one number from each set and be given the corresponding parameters. From there, you have until the submission deadline to design a map that not only adheres...

Cool Deals with Gold: Black Friday Part 1

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Black Friday is almost here and the deals are flooding in so this week you're getting a two-parter (you lucky lot). Part one today including the week long Black Friday deals as well as the usual Deals with Gold (prepare to scroll). Part 2 will land on Friday itself with those one day/weekend deals which will likely blow these current ones out of the water.

Realistically today I think it's my best recommendation for you to wait just a few more days and see what Friday brings, as these offers will still be available then.

If you cannot wait however and are frothing at the mouth to spend, I recommend picking up Mirrors Edge for about $5/£5/€5. It's a rather unique title if you haven't played it before and is already backwards compatible on Xbox One.

As per the usual, all of this...

News Halo Community Update Live Stream

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343 Industries hosted their first live stream community update last night. According to Bravo, streams similar to this one will be broadcast each month in order to provide full coverage of the monthly Halo happenings. This time around, they discuss playlist updates, new features in The Battle of Shadow and Light, Big Team Battle, and more. You can find the video and a timetable of the more important segments below.

Halo News:
• 3D Custom Spartan 13:18
• BTB Playlist Updates 18:14
- More REQ points
- Join in Progress disabled auburn
- Featured playlist this weekend​

Community Clips:
• First Set 20:35
- Epic Sneak Attack - A Winking Cat
- Ground Pound Betrayal - ScyclistZ
- Double Snipeltaneous - My 2nd Hand BR​
• Second Set 1:17:39
- Scorpion Double...​

Cool Controlling the Warzone: A. R. C.

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So last week, I covered some tips, tricks, and strategies for Apex 7. This week I'll be doing the same for A. R. C.

Escape from A. R. C.

For the standard Warzone gametype, the matches play out, at least from my experiences, in a timely basis in accordance to certain bosses spawning in on the map. As such, my tips and guides will be laid out in reference to these bosses' spawns.

The Drop In

You will spawn dropping into the back of your team's home base with Promethean Soldiers and Crawlers all over the place. Kill them quickly and pick up any guns or ammo that you see fit.

A Sangheili General will spawn at the Relay Tower between the base and the Armory. Take the man cannon just outside of your base to get to him quickly. A simple backsmack will take him down...

Event HaloCustoms vs the World

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If you've been around HaloCustoms for any lngth of time, you'll know that a new Halo game brings with it exciting new custom gaming events, forge contests, and more. With Halo 5's launch in our rear-view mirror, and with the opening of our robust new Custom Game section, it's time to kick things off! We hope you'll join us this weekend for the next installment in our HaloCustoms vs the World event series!

HaloCustoms vs the World is a weekend-long series of game nights where forum staff lead brave users into battle against the evil forces of the rest of the internet. This time around, we hope you'll join us on the battlefields of Halo 5's Big Team Battle and Warzone playlists to once again show the World that we are better than them at Halo. Much of the event will be broadcast on our new Twitch channel and the logistics...

Media stream categories

Cool Stuff
Map Spotlight
Site Update
Srs Bzns

Live Streams

Halo: MCC
LVL 50 5k SOLO QUE CHALLENGE-THE RAGE [email protected]
Halo: MCC
H3 Hardcore - Road to 275 Subs
Halo 5
Halo 3
add me lets play halo 3 | gt: shamana
Halo 5
(Day 58) Quick Q&A With the BABE

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