News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 16th May '17

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Afternoon all, it's another (late, sorry) weekly update!

I've been ill with some kind of cough/throat infection so it's going to be a short one this week.

Something different to start us off this week, some background music while you read. A cover of Breaking Benjamin's Blow Me Away track from the Halo 2 OST, sung by the extremely talented Frankie Day:

Time for some meat to go with those vocal potatoes. It's a sad day for the Halo community as Dan Ayoub, 343 industries Studio Head for Strategy has left to go and work with Microsoft's Mixed Reality team. Dan has been working on Halo for the best part of 8 years starting on 2009's Halo: Reach and has helped 343i work with some amazing studios and partners from around the world. Worry not, as the next Halo Wars 2 DLC is safe in the hands of Dan's former team at 343i and there are some wonderful...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 7th May '17

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FORE! Grab your golf clubs, put on your tweed jacket and suade shoes with those little spikes on the bottom. It's off to the golf course for another round of the HaloCustoms weekly roundup.

The first hole of the front 9 is a Par 4 with a water hazard and cunningly placed man cannons that if you're not careful can set you back a couple of strokes. That's right, all the golfing jargon means the HaloCustoms Par for the Course Battle Golf Forging contest is back. This time it's better than ever, thanks to our wonderful admin Psychoduck. He's been in touch with the guys over at 343 Industries and managed to wrangle us up some decent prizes!

This event was announced a while back but put on hold due to some issues with the contest but those have now been resolved and we're ready to have another swing at it. There were some cool maps submitted to the previous iteration of the competition...

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 30th Apr '17

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Put your feet up, crack open your favourite beverage and some of your favourite snacks and come have a gander at our weekly update.

First up, the lovable Tom French has been made the Lead Multiplayer Design Director at 343i. Tom has been one of the driving forces behind some of the amazing Forge updates that we've been seeing over the past months, giving forgers tools and objects to make all the awe-inspiring maps that we've been seeing. As his new job states he'll be responsible for designing the gameplay for Halo 5's Multiplayer, and one can assume he'll also be in that role for any future games developed by 343i (Halo 6 anyone?). Considering the things Tom has done for forge, I'm sure we can expect great things from him. Be sure to give him a warm welcome and send him all your constructive feedback, he's been quite open with us on twitter in the past, let's not ruin that by spamming him with...

News April 2017 Community BTB Update

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halo newz.png

The Big Team Battle playlist in Halo 5: Guardians received a big update today! This update adds five new community-created forge maps to the playlist, adds the Assault gametype (finally!), revamps one existing map, and game modes have been tweaked. To celebrate, Squally DaBeanz put together a BTB update trailer for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

We hope to see you guys in BTB soon! ;)

News HaloCustoms Weekly Roundup - 24th Apr '17

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Welcome back for another weekly™ installment of your favourite news roundup, it's the HaloCustoms weekly roundup!

HCS North America: Summer Pro League dates have been announced, starting at HCS Daytona on the 12th of March and finishing up at DreamHack Atlanta on the 21st of July. During that time, there will be seven matches between each of the teams where they will get the chance to play against each other in the hopes of becoming champion.

Fresh from their HCS World Championship win in March, Optic Gaming will be looking to continue their winning streak; and of course they'll be the ones to watch, but they'll have a big target on their backs. Runners up from HCS Worlds, Team EnVyUs will be looking to get revenge from the finals and that golden opportunity they missed to knock down that green wall.

The top six will go on to the finals at DreamHack Atlanta with 7th and...

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