Staff Vs. Community #6

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Look, in the Media Stream! Is it a Flood lobby? Is it a 2 v 2 Tourney? Are we playing Clue?​
Pack your Assault Rifle and an extra grenade (and your floaties for Forge Island) for this Saturday, May 25 at 5 PM EDT, where we'll be playing a variety of the best of the best maps and modes, which you can submit via the link below. There will be a variety of games played, with the team with the most wins after 5 games taking the pot (note: the pot is empty and is not stovetop safe.) Who will win, the radiant, shining Orange powerhouse, or the dang Blues who still think the Warthog looks like a Puma? It's up to you, so don't forget to sign up via the link below for an ass whooping great set of customs!​

Staff vs. Community 5 - Minigame Edition

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Hello, community. Still licking your wounds from the last SvC? It's okay. We know, and we're sorry. Here's a cake.​

In order to give you all a fighting chance at ending our reign of terror, we're gonna be tossing our DMRs aside in favor of something a little... sillier. Like speeding mongeese. Or flipping warthogs. Or unlimited hardlight shields.​
That's right, this weekend's SvC will be all minigames. We're out of our element here, so we expect a solid trouncing. If you're interested in finally getting your sweet revenge...​

Staff vs. Community - 4th Edition

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Hello everyone! Are you ready for an all new round of Staff vs. Community? I know I am. And I'm sure you are too.

Hey, what's wrong? Now, c'mere, sit on my lap. That's it, go on. So, I've been told that you haven't been enjoying the last few Staff vs. Communities. Now, that's just fine - I'm here for you and we can talk about it, I'm your father(?). Why aren't you enjoying it? Well, I know that past three events have been rough. You've all joined with hopes in your eyes, and everyone one of you has walked away empty handed. But listen here, Sport - there's a very simple explanation for everything...


Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings? A little... a little hurt...

SvC #3 - And the winner is...!

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...displayed at the bottom of this page.



I want to talk about it first :p

Round 1
Now, I know "Ultimate" is sort of an ironic way to name the first round, but in this week's Staff vs Community, we kicked it off with a round of Vincent Torre's game, Ultimate (frisbee). If you've never played Ultimate Frisbee before, here are the rules: Throw the ball to a friend. If that friend is standing in the goal, you win. If not, throw to another friend and repeat. Sound good? Sweet.

A beautiful interception in the making by Minotaur
Here, the staff use their corruption...

Staff vs. Community #3

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Are you ready for more hot 'n heavy SvC action? We are.​
Warm up your BR and check your armor, because this Sunday at 2:00PM EST is your chance to prove yourself. Can you stand firm against the orange onslaught, and bring home the bacon for the HC community? With the recent addition of Fuzzle to our ranks, you might have your work cut out for you. (welcome to the winning team, bro)​
We'll be playing a best of five on various community maps and gametypes, so there should be something for everyone.​
Click here to jump straight to the game thread and sign up!​

Valentines Day Competition Winners!

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Well, Valentines Day happened, and us staff prepared for our very first holiday competition for it. I know I had fun, and I'm sure you did too!

Anyways, we went into it with an armful of prizes for the winners, and today I am happy to throw those armfuls of loot into the crowd of partnered champions! Here they are, everyone:
  1. Star-crossed lovers Spades N AZ and A J YUSI hosted a match, and TracingAce and Minotaur came out on top (heyo)
  2. Bromantic couple Stevo and...

Staff vs. Community #2

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Hey. Heeeeyyyy! Do you know how excited I am right now? I said, do you know how EXCITED I AM?! Well I'll tell you.​
How excited am I.png

And do you know why?

...well you should. I mean, there's a huge banner explaining it to you. But also, these showdowns will henceforth be a fortnightly event! Which, for those living in the modern day, means that we'll now be having a Staff vs. Community event every two weeks. So if you can't make it this time around, you can always join in on the next one!

Thumbs Up.jpg

So allow me to invite you all to the second and currently most exciting Staff vs. Community showdown yet! Next Saturday, February 16 of this year us staff will line up in our full-body armor, guns held steadily to our chests, as we fight off waves upon waves of skilled, talented and...

Valentines Day Competition, Update and a Competition!

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Boy oh boy, do we have a treat for all of you! As I'm sure THE ENTIRE WORLD is aware, Valentines day is coming up, and with it comes tacky commercial decorations, touching Valentines cards, and as many Cynics as there are Lubby Dubby Romantics.
But down to business!

We've got a Valentines day-themed competition for you! The prize? Well, how about some sweet new armor for your Spartan? Already got some sweet armor? Okay, fine, how about some for your Avatar instead?!
You want to look this sexeh, dontcha?
Alright, well here's what you gotta do to get it. It's simple, fun and we're gonna do it in a traditional Halo Custom way! We've got 20 of these badboys to give away, so here's your mission:
  • Team up with another member to host the biggest, baddest...

Staff vs. Community Showdown: RECAP!

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Welcome to the very first recap of our very first HaloCustoms Staff vs. Community Showdown! First and foremost, I'd just like to thank everyone who participated and made this inaugural SvC Showdown a success. We certainly had a ton of fun and hope you guys did as well. And don't worry if you didn't get a chance to participate this time around; we plan on making this a regular event so be on the lookout for an announcement sometime next week! Now, I guess it's time for what you all came here for, the recap!

GAME 1 - Extraction on Titan

GAME 1.jpg

What better way to kick off the event than an intense game of...

TalkHalo.net Customs Night

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HaloCustoms will be hosting our friend TalkHalo.net for a fun night of custom games tonight, Thursday the 31st! We've got three lobbies from prominent TalkHalo members for you to join in and mingle, and if you can't get into the game, there will be a live stream so you can watch the action as it goes down. TalkHalo is all about discussing the greatest game ever made... Halo! Check out their website at http://www.talkhalo.net or on Twitter at @TalkHalo.

LIVE STREAM LINK: http://www.twitch.tv/katungi

To join a game and get to know the TalkHalo staff, simply click one of the lobbies below, RSVP, and send a message to the host's gamertag. To watch the game, simply click Katungi's lobby -- it will also be on this post when he goes live between 6-11 PM EST (GMT -5).
  • ...

Weekly Wednesday Wustoms #02 - A Stounding!

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My customs session went better than last week's, and last week's was pretty damn awesome as it was. A large party and a large assortment of maps led to what I thought was going to be a cancelled party (due to sickness) ending up lasting a full three hours. It was tons of fun.

Not much going on in the world of recaps, so have another grid image from my Wustom Games.
PSST: seriously, you guys should start doing recaps. They look awesome.

Should you find yourself saying "hmm I really have the urge to show everyone what I was up to in my parties this week" you can do the whole recap treatment in a nifty, dandy, [adjective] thread inThe Recaps Area. But I...

Your worries are over, fellow Europeans!

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Heyyyy, Tedium here, your local American-Canadian-Bitishman. Most of you won't know what it's like to be a European. Most of you live in the good old USA, where you never have to think to yourself, "Am I willing to stay up until 4:00am playing custom games with my American friends?" Well if you aren't American, and live in the good ol' United States of Europe, I've got a little treat for you.

Delightful members Stevo and TexturedSun have gone and organised a GMT lobby just for us! You'll find this delightful treasure here, and RSVP if you can! Us GMTers need to stick together, you know ;) And, hey, if you're from any other timezone and want to meet some jen-yu-ine...

HaloCustoms Staff vs. Community Showdown

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Ever wonder about those strange, shadowy orange figures lurking about the forums? Do they even play Halo, with all those welcome threads to post in and mysterious moderating they seem to do? Well, wonder no longer!

For the first time, you'll get the chance to challenge our very own HaloCustoms staff to a duel of epic proportions! Better warm up first, cause I hear Dax has a mean DMR...

Check out the game thread for all the details.

Weekly Wednesday Wustoms #01 - A Success!

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Hey guys, my first post here is about what else, my first official customs session in Halo 4. The inaugural Weekly Wednesday Wustoms went well, so much so that I often find myself afflicted with spontaneous bouts of alliteration. The cure for which is of course more cowbell a front page post about it.

WWW01 Recap - Front-Page.png

As you can see we played a wide variety of minigames and casual maps, and had tons of fun all the while. For a full map list and about 40 more pictures of the customs session, visit the recap here. Also, this happened:

Keep your eyes open for more recaps on the front page, as I'm sure more lobby hosts will...

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