Competition 1v1 Finals Map and Round Announcement
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- The Finals have now Begun -

The Final Four
It's been a long journey, but we're finally down to our final four contestants! KingNick220 and GreatCesar1 are set to duke it out for the Winner's Bracket Final, and in our Loser's Bracket we have Respectful verses cizzzats. The winners of these two matches will be declared champions of their respective brackets, and will then go on to face each other in the...​

Competition The Semi Finals Begin

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The Quarter Finals are now over and eight contenders remain!​

- The Semi Finals have now Begun -
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So, who's left?
The eight, very skilled players still standing are;


Noro: Semi-Finals Map Reveal

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Nearing the Finish Line!
As we move into the Semi Finals, we have the map Noro by Tyrant. Forged on the Ravine canvas, this map boasts a bright and sunny environment along with some treacherous waters below, should you take a wrong step and fall to your death. Noro consists of three central atriums with many interesting ways to move about. With a sniper, concussion rifle, and speed boost spread out across the map, players will never feel safe in any one location. Constantly moving and staying on your toes is the key to success on Noro.​

Competition The Quarter Finals Begin

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Round 5 is done. My match was incredible, I hope yours was too. Lets go.

- The Quarter Finals have now Begun -
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It's getting intense!

The end is nearing... a mere three weeks from now our 1v1 champion will be crowned! Who will be the one that holds their Gamermodz controller aloft? With just 16 players left in the brackets, we will have an answer soon!

We are still accepting submissions for the Top Ten. I'm sure you have all had some crazy...

Competition Round 5 Begins

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Hey guys, let's keep this short and sweet.

- Round 5 has now Begun -
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Chugalong, on and on

Mmk, so what have we got for you today? Well it looks like we're down to our last 32 fighters. 16 in each bracket, 8 matchups per. Things are finally narrowing down, and if you're still hanging on you've got plenty to be proud of. Fortunately, by now, you're plenty familiar with how this...

Event 10,000 Members Celebration

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Literally the very first image to come up on google upon searching "10,000"

Alright! Well! Today (give or take) marks a very special occasion for the HaloCustoms forum. Any guesses? Well I f*cking hope you don't f*cking guess b*tch because I thought I made myself pretty f*cking clear up until now.

So, back to what I was saying, we've finally reached 10,000 members. According to Wikipedia, 10,000 (ten thousand) is the natural number following 9,999, and preceding 10,001.

1v1 Tournament Update!

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Hey everyone! Quick update on the 1v1 Tournament. It still seems as though some participants are having difficulty organizing their matches, regardless of the amount of time given to complete them. So, we're going to need to shake things up just a little bit!​
The main problem arises when dealing with secondary matches. In several cases, players in the loser's bracket will have moved on to their secondary match for a given round, only to sit around and wait for their opponent. This is unfair to those who have finished their first match early and want to set up their secondary match before it's too late. So, here's our solution:​
We've gone ahead and posted the last of the secondary matches for Round 4. This round has been extended to Saturday, August 24th at 11:59 pm...

Competition Round 4 Begins

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Hello, Gents. These words officially mark the end of Round 3 of our wee little 1v1 Tournament. Things are auburning up with only 64 contestants remaining! (Including myself. Be afraid. :alien:)

- Round 4 has now Begun -
Now, with Carbonite all used and abused, its onto the next map. Those who have been keeping up to date, already know what it is. But regardless, lets remind ourselves what is in store for Round 4.

You should now (or in the very near future) see a notification taking you to your match up thread. Make sure you have the following downloaded and organise a time to get down and dirty.

Competition 1v1 Matchup Derp

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Hey there everyone, just a quick apology from us staff. Somewhere in this round, we missed out a few matchups in the Loser's bracket. Those matchups have now been posted, but we apologize for missing them earlier. Won't happen again, I swear! :ao

In the meantime, Round 4 will be slightly delayed to give these six players enough time to finish their matches before it begins. The delay shouldn't be too long, but the players have until Friday at 11:59pm CST until they are automatically moved on to the next round. For those unaffected by this mix up, your matchups should be organized by the end of the day.

Again, our apologies! :ao
-The Staff

Round 1 Top Plays!

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Top Five
Round 1

First of all
It's finally here! Yes, the Top Five have had some delays, but it's finally here. However, due to the somewhat low number of clips we received, the Top Ten has been bumped down to a Top Five. Additionally, since the amount of matches being played and the opportunity for awesome plays will only decrease as the tournament goes on, Round 2-9 will all have a single Top Ten released at the end of the tournament. So take your time, choose your clips, and earn something cool! And since the next Top Plays will be cumulative, we'll have some even cooler prizes to dish out as well!

Most of all

Congratulations to Z3R0FLAME for having the #1 best clip of the...

Competition Round 3 Begins

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Herro everyone! This update officially wraps up Round 2 of our 1v1 Tournament. In this round both friends and foes were made (mostly foes) and 128 contestants are still up to fight for fame, fortune and prizes of course sponsored by gamermodz.

- Round 3 has now Begun -

Let's keep this party started!
It is of course accompanied by an official video provided by TheHaloNetwork that gives you a great overview on what's to come. Personally, I will crouch through that window all day in my match (thanks Dax).

As always you and your opponent will be automatically matched in a thread, you will receive notifications when the...

Event 50th BIOC Lobby

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Ever heard of Bloodthirst: Infection Only Customs? Yes? No? Derp? Well, if not, we're a custom games group providing Halo Customs with awesome Flood-only lobbies for you to join and have a great time playing and testing Flood maps. To date we have collectively hosted 49 lobbies. It has been a hell of a journey so far, so we want to do something special to mark our 50th lobby.

REMkings said:
Hey everyone!

Welcome to the official BIOC 50th Lobby Event!

On Sunday August 11th, 2013, all of the BIOC Hosts will celebrate our 50th lobby in a 9.5 hour long custom game event where we follow up each other’s lobbies and provide a whole day of what we like and do best: Playing the latest and greatest Flood maps with you, the members of our community! Like mentioned, we are going to do things a little bit differently this time so be my guest as everything is explained in detail!

- On behalf of...

Competition 1v1 Tournament: Round 2 Begins

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Alright everybody, we have now reached the end of Round 1 in this 1v1 Competition of ours. Your new match-ups have been prepared and this post will mark the official beginning of Round 2. The Competition continues! Most importantly, we have some vitally crucial information below about the Double Elimination system. Make sure you read it through so that you don't accidentally forfeit the match due to incorrect conduct.
- Round 1 is now over -
Now, if at any point you find yourself wondering if there could possibly be another way of learning more about this week’s round, then I've got some good news for you! Here’s an awesome video, courtesy of...​

Competition 1v1 Tournament: Round 1 Begins

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This is it! The sign-ups are closed, and the matchups have been made. This post marks the official beginning of the HaloCustoms 1v1 Competition. Welcome!

Sign-ups are now Closed
Great. Right. So it's begun. I, uh... now what? Good question, Random Gamer 07 (literally a random name I just pulled out), and hopefully we have an answer to that!

*Tedium flicks through some papers, finds the right one, and nods*

Mmhm. Okay, looks like we do. Here's a guide to everything you need to know about the coming week.

1. Finding Your Opponent
Now that the tournament has begun, it's time for the fighting to take place! Over the next week, you'll be given a chance to organize, play, and finish the fight between you and your opponent. Who is your opponent? How do you get...

Competition 1v1 Tournament - An Overview

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We're one week into the signup phase for the HaloCustoms 1v1 Tournament, and we're coming up to the beginning of the first round. Remember, the deadline for signing up is next Friday, so if you're itching to prove your worth and haven't yet signed up, you can do so now via this friendly looking form :laugh:

(Now Closed)

If you haven't currently checked it out, you kind find Dax's channel,TheHaloNetwork, cranking out videos related to this contest. He'll be working close and hard with HaloCustoms to give a steady stream of exciting, informative videos about the tournament, its maps, as well as fun stuff such as weekly Top Tens! In this video, he explains a little more about the...

Event Gold Hosts vs. Community Custom Game Night

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Hey Everybody, how are we all doooing tonight?​
Word on the street is that those crazy Gold Hosts are hosting a custom game night this saturday, and that the gauntlet has been thrown down for the Community to pick up. If you've got the nerve to test your mettle against these custom game veterans, head on over to the following thread. This is only the first of many Gold Host vs. Community throw-downs...​

Competition HaloCustoms 1v1 Tournament

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Welcome, potential challenger.
A little while back we mentioned that we at Halo Customs are aware of your desire to test your skill, and face whatever your skilled opponent can throw at you. We spoke of discovering new arenas, and that fiery competitive need that drives every player. That is exactly what I'm discussing with you now.

Today, we would like to announce the HaloCustoms 1v1 Unity Tournament. After weeks of planning we have found what are, in our opinion, the best gametype and the best maps for this event. Our very own Dax, at the helm of his new Youtube channel The Halo Network, has brought in the help of a man known as Doju, the creator of the popular competitive...

Event Finish the Fight: Repopulate Halo 3!

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Were you hiding under a rock a few years ago? Did you think you could escape the coming fire? Did you miss out on the awesomeness that is Halo 3? If you did, but you still have a copy of the game, now is your chance to finish the fight! Whether you're a grizzled veteran of Halo 3, or terms like "4-shot", "radar jammer" or "ghost-merge" sound foreign to your ears, now is your chance to revisit what is arguably the most polished and refined game in the Halo series.​
On Sunday, July 7th, THFE is jumping on board to oversee a huge return of gamers to Halo 3. Whether you're going to be playing campaign or matchmaking as a lone wolf, or jumping into a halo 3 custom lobby, you're bound to take a huge bath of nostalgia or experience one of the best video games on the current generation for the first time. Hosts from around the...​

SvC SvC Recap #7

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In life, we live many wars... Pizza or Ice Cream, DMR or BR, Psychoduck or pancakes, and of course...​

Oranges vs Blueberries
So who won the battle in this ongoing war of Fruit Dominance?
Brace yourselves, you are going to read at a 3rd grade level!​

SvC #6 Recap

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Who was the winner of the latest Staff vs Community game night? Read on below to find out all the bullet-filled details!​
Before that however, let's look at the lineup of staff that competed:​
Flying Shoe ILR
Vincent Torre
Round One
Team Regicide on Stigma​

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