SvC Return to Reach

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Now that it's been several weeks since the last Staff vs Ccommunity game night, we figure that most of you out there in the community have recovered by now. So, it's time for you to receive another ass-kicking. Because your asses are probably getting tired of being kicked in Halo 4, we decided that you might prefer to have them kicked in a different game instead. As part of the THFE Throwback Weekend, we are hosting our next SvC in Halo: Reach.

Much as you've come to expect from SvCs in the past, this lobby will offer a smattering of competitive team-based games both in the form of standard Halo matches and mini games. Like usual, the core game settings will be tweaked to provide the most balanced and competitive experience. For more details, head on over to the signup thread...

Event Best of Forge: Voting

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Hey everybody, it's been a long while coming, but the voting stage for Best of Forge is finally here! Voting started a few days ago, but here are a few announcements we wanted to bring up. First off, while this event was originally cooperatively run by Halo Customs and Mr. Pokephile, he has stepped down from the voting stage of this years Best of Forge. This will allow us to finish voting and selecting winners in a timely fashion, so there should be no more delays. There is also a new voting thread up for the flood category due to a map that made it through to the voting round that was breakable. We also have a message from the team that judged the Small Team Competitive category, which included several of the Community Cartographers in...​

Event THFE Throwback Weekend

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When I popped the question of hosting custom games in my Throwback Thursday video for Agents in Halo 3, I got a large response from the community, asking when the next lobby would take place. Immediately realizing that I alone would not be able to satisfy the community's hunger for retro-Halo customs, I assembled a team of hosts from the HaloCustoms community to help fill the demand. That being said, The Halo Forge Epidemic is proud to announce the first official Throwback Weekend!

What is this Throwback Weekend?

In simple terms, the Throwback Weekend will consist of a series of custom game lobbies hosted in Halo 3 and Halo Reach. These lobbies will go on for the entire weekend...

SvC Staff vs. Community #9 Recap

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Recap #9 (2/10/2014)

So last Sunday, SvC made its triumphant return after an extended break that probably went on much longer than it should have...​
Anyway, despite such a long gap from this game to the last, it still felt one in the same (at least... for the staff team it did anyway...) . Also, I played on the staff team for the first time since becoming a staff member in late October! :masterdebaytes:
Without any further ado, let's begin this official recap!​
Please note that for the entirety of the games played, the community played as the red team and the staff played as blue team. To make things easier to comprehend, this recap will be color coded.​
SvC Maps! Maps! Maps!
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Want to get a leg up on those pesky Oranges before Sunday? Here's your chance to familiarize yourself with some of the maps and games we will be playing. The player count of the lobby will be dependent upon the number of staff available, but below you'll find maps to suit a variety of lobby sizes. No one will know exactly which maps will be played until the lobby starts.

Player count: 4v4
Potential game modes: Team Slayer, 1-Site Extraction

Player count: 4v4-5v5...

SvC The Return of SvC

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It's been quite some time since our last Staff vs Community Game Night. But now it is time, once again, for the staff to hand the community a swift ass-kicking which will leave the blues sore for weeks. The player count will depend upon the number of staff available, and the maps played will depend upon this as well. Stay tuned for more details on this front throughout the week, we'll try to keep you guys in the loop on what we're playing. Judging by tradition, there'll be a nice mix of mini game and competitive matches.​
:flyingshoe: vs:psychoduck:

With only two staff left to question, we thought that a poll would be a bit of a boring way for you to...​

Competition Anniversary Giveaway Results

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Anniversary Giveaway Results

Hey everybody! A few weeks ago our founder Insane54 set up a thread asking you all about your fondest memories of Halo so far. The responses ranged from nostalgic, to hilarious, to outright unbelievable! So over the past few days the staff have rifled through the treasure cove of memories, and found the three that we liked the most. And, as promised, here they are!

One of the best nights of my life was actually playing Halo, it was New Year's Eve 2011. Basically, me and my friends were just mucking around like normal, until I found out that one of them was so obsessed with a girl that he made a wedding map in Halo Reach xD. It had the basic church of course, but outside on the island was an airlift...

Event 2v2 Tournament: Sign Ups

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2v2 Tournament Sign Ups
It's finally time. Now that the map judging for the 2v2 Forge Contest is underway, we're one step closer to the inter-community Team Doubles tournament. This tournament will consist solely of community-submitted maps, so before we go any further, let's give a quick shout out to everyone who submitted a map for this contest. Even though only a certain amount of maps will be chosen for this tournament, I can safely say that every submission is worthy of praise. Your forges certainly won't go unappreciated.​
Now, back to this tournament! As you (hopefully) know by now, the staff from HaloCustoms, ForgeCafe, and 343i.org have all come together to create a truly unique event - this tournament will be run and broadcast throughout all 3 forum communities in...​

Event Anniversary Controller Giveaway - Sponsored by GamerModz.com

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On January 9, 2013, HaloCustoms.com was officially opened. It's been an awesome journey for myself and hopefully plenty of you guys -- we're really excited about where we've been and where we're going to be going as the Halo community progresses. One thing that really distinguishes HaloCustoms from other communities is that we're designed to work by causal (and casual) community interaction. Most forums are based on a hierarchy of permissions; here I like to imagine we're the "front lines" of Halo, accepting in new people while hopefully also retaining our older membership core as well. If you're not a registered member, come on in! We don't bite! We've got a hell of a lot of stuff planned, but for now...

Event Halo Customs World Cup - Round 1 Recap & Round 2
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Wow, what a match! I had a damn good time, and it looks like everyone else did too! With Round 1 done and dusted we have ourselves a leaderboard! Lets take a look...


Sure enough, we have USA taking the top spot with a full house of 150 kills after dominating Canada through all three of their games. They definitely look to have the strongest team, with the winner of the recent 1v1 tournament, GreatCesar1 amongst them. Europe are valiantly in second place, only dropping 3 kills, with the UK not too far behind them in third with 126 kills, fighting back after a tough first game. And bringing up the rear is Canada with 59 kills. Hopefully they can pick up some speed in their next game after being knocked down so hard.

Now lets take a look at the player leaderboard...

Of course, Team USA take the top...

Event Halo Customs World Cup - Round 1

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the teams have been decided and the title is waiting. This is it. We are now ready for Round 1 of the Halo Customs World Cup!​

Yup, all four regions have locked in their roster of six players. Lets take a look.

Primary Players - GreatCesar1 - Sir Novalot - Teqnohh - The 0micron
Back Ups - saby0906 - Minotaur

Primary Players - PA1NTS - Mr Pokephile - LudicrousTrash - WhiteWolfLegend
Back Ups - UndeadKiller Qc - Ghuesaren

Primary Players - Akmigone - x3333x - Wolferious - de Medici II
Back Ups...

Best of Forge: 2013

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Mr PokePhile and HaloCustoms present...

Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the Best of Forge 2013. Now, what exactly is this "Best of Forge," you ask? It's quite simple really! Since the release of Halo 4, we've seen some truly amazing forge creations that have baffled the minds of even the most experienced forgers. Whether it's a beautifully-designed competitive slayer map that flows like water, a flood map that has managed to create an atmosphere of its own, or a mini-game so creative you just can't put your controller down - HaloCustoms, along with the wonderful Mr Pokephile, want to give these maps the spotlight and recognition they deserve.

Now, let's get to some of the details. The Best of Forge will be divided into 2 stages: the Nomination Stage and the Voting Stage. From now until November...

Event HaloCustoms vs ForgeCafe Recap

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It is with a heavy heart that I recount to you the events of today's match-up between your friendly neighborhood HaloCustoms staff and the barbaric menace (just kidding!) that is the ForgeCafe staff team. After going undefeated through several events against the HaloCustoms community, Us staff thought we could sit back and let yet another victory fall into our hands. We could not have been more wrong. To be fair, organization was not in our favor. A mere three staff members showed up to the event, and we had no choice but to allow a certain unsanitary drink container round out our team. The resulting team (most of whom hadn't played Halo 4 in over a week) was woefully unprepared for the swift thrashing it was about to be handed by the powerful ForgeCafe staff team.

Team HaloCustoms

Competition The HaloCustoms 1v1 Tournament Winner!

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The HaloCustoms 1v1 Tournament Winner!
Hey there everybody! I'm psyched to be the one telling you all about the results of the recent 1v1 Tournament that we've been holding over the past few months. It's been a while now since most of you who have participated have heard much at all from us staff. A while ago it was a rock-hard schedule of tournament announcements, nearly every day of the week. But this,today, is what it's all about. Sure, it's fun to test your mettle against the many members of the community, but when it comes down to it, all that's left are the cold hard facts: The Top 3 Players, the Top Ten clips, and most of all, our Tournament's champion. Many of you fought hard (especially Dax, and his incredible thread-creation skillz) but in the end only one has come out on top.

GreatCesar1 vs...

Event HaloCustoms Halloween!

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Happy Haloween!
Happy October, everyone! I'm writing here to let you know about all of the Halloween festivities that will be going on around here. This month is Halo Custom's first ever Halloween, and we're all very big on celebrating the holidays :laugh: As some of you may know, Autumn is my favorite season of the year - not just because my birthday's in October, but also because of my favorite holiday, Halloween!

So, to celebrate with you all, we've gone and rejigged the site for the month of October. With a snazzy HallowCustoms banner from Psychoduck, as well as a full color change, this site is sure to get its fill of festive treats!

Join the Party!
Either through word of mouth or by the announcement above the shoutbox, a bunch of members have been changing their names* and avatars to something more... spooky...

Event OnlineKnights "1 Year Anniversary" Game Night

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Hey guys, do you know what October 18th is? Well, I'm guessing if you've clicked this article then there's a good chance that you already know... That's right! It's the OnlineKnights 1 year anniversary! For those of you who don't know us, we're a small, but growing, youtube channel that for the last year has featured content from a variety of video games. However, as most of our viewers are aware, Halo has been the main focus of our content, specifically features for Halo 4 Forge Maps. In fact, we like them so much that we've featured over 100 of them! Therefore, to celebrate this 1 year milestone, we decided to set up an Anniversary Game Night.​

ForgeCafe vs. HaloCustoms Showdown!

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ForgeCafe vs. HaloCustoms Showdown!

....or as ForgeCafe administrator undr zid likes to call it, The Rumble of the Humble. However, we'll see who the humble ones really are soon enough! This Sunday (October 20th), we will take part in our first ever Community Showdown. The Forge Cafe staff has invited the staff here at HaloCustoms to join them in a few friendly Halo matches to determine who has the best BR skills around. Though to be honest, after seeing the results of our recent Staff vs. Community events, we're a little surprised they were so eager! ;) All jokes aside though, this will be a great opportunity...​

SvC Staff vs. Community #8 Recap

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What a fun night we had on the 29th! A healthy mix of competitive maps and mini games was just what I needed. The series kicked off with a warm up match of Classic Slayer on Valhalla. Comments were tossed around by the Staff such as "should we let them win?" and "lets not try in this game". But as the Community began to display their prowess those comments quickly shifted to a more winning mind set. We only just won which left us questioning if we would be able to continue our mammoth winning streak. Was it the new kid's lack of SvC experience (me), or was it Dax's lack of being able to hold a BR correctly? Either way, we went into game 1 with lowered confidence.

Game 1 - 5 Flag CTF on Fuggedaboudit!
Game 1 was bloody intense. Literally. The Community continued with their persistence from the previous game which...

SvC Staff vs. Community #8

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YES! SvC is back! And before you ask, no, we didn't forget. We just thought we'd give you guys a nice break from losing SEVEN Staff vs. Community events in a row. ;)
That's right folks, it's time for you to put that saddle back on and see if you can break that losing streak! For those of you unfamiliar with these SvC events, we all get together and have a nice, friendly rivalry between the Staff and Community over some Halo.. But unfortunately for Team Community, it's consistently been an uphill battle trying to claim a victory of their own, while the Orange powerhouse has been known to dominate the battlefield. Do you think you have what it takes to turn the tides? Do you want to see the Staff go down in flames while you, the Community, rise up and claim victory?? Well, I can almost...​

Community BIOC Reach Lobby Recap (09/22/2013)

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Hello everyone!

Last Sunday was a good day. Last Sunday, Mankind won. Last Sunday you won. If you were one of the lucky few to join the Halo Reach Infection Lobby as hosted by BIOC, you will definitely agree with me that we’ve had one hell of a great time together. It had been quite a while since I was so fortunate to have participated in a lobby so free of blackscreens and so full of enjoyable moments. It is therefore that I decided to write a recapping article about the lobby, to keep the memories at heart. I wish you a good read!

Nowhere, USA_________________________________________________________________


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