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News Prepare to Drop - ODST Now Available!
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The time come to suit up and drop into the heat of battle in the heart of New Mombasa with up to 3 other fellow ODST's.

The remainder of 343i's "compensation package" has finally landed alongside the latest patch for the Master Chief Collection. You can find the patch notes here.


Halo 3: ODST, in case you either never played it or have forgotten about its existence, actually takes place towards the end of the Halo 2 story arc from the perspective of characters other than the "Master Chief". Instead the campaign focuses on a squad of ODST in their fight against the Covenant.

So how do I download ODST?

As you can see below users whom have played TMCC before the 19th of December 2014 will receive an Xbox...

1th PT Forge-A-Thon Re-cap

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Ten days ago, A selection of us in the HC community foolishly forged an assortment of woeful creations over the course of the first day of April. The aim was to then share our creations in a custom games session over the following weekend of which this is a re-cap for. To read more about the PT Forge-A-Thon click here.

Out of all the maps we played in said session last weekend, Box by Sgt x Slaphead (with aesthetics co-forged by Cpt x Craphead) stood out for it's complete no frills, two bases, one power weapon design.

Ignore how truly awful I played in this game (it's a recurring theme throughout all of these clips). Regardless of how simplistic this build was it was surprisingly a lot of fun to play.

On the flipside, there's...

Event 1th Annual Polished Turd Forge-A-Thon

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Ladies and gentleman, it's my privilege to present to you:


The PT Forge-A-Thon embraces the foolish nature of the day it takes place on. The goal is build an entire 4v4 map for competitive* play in less than a day on the 1st of April.

There are no prizes, only a guaranteed loss of dignity as a result of the utter tripe you will likely have time to create... but that's all the fun of the fair.

Instead we will celebrate a collection of dilapidated renditions of Rome (that were built in a day) in a series of custom game lobbies over the following weekend. Featuring our favourites on the front page and inviting all those whom participated to add an image of their woeful creation in our majestic "Hall of Flame™" (coming soon).

So what are the rules?
  • Submitted maps must have a creation date of the 1st April 2015.
  • Submitted maps must have a "last edited" date of the 1st...

Event Best of Forge '14, Let the Voting Commence!

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After a one week hiatus, I'm proud to announce that the second phase of Best of Forge '14 has now commenced.

In the past week fellow staff members have been diligently processing your nominations for each category in order to determine what community creations have qualified to enter the voting stage of BoF'14.

Overall there was 133 total nominations for 62 different maps, across 7 alternate categories.

As a reminder the categories for Best of Forge '14 are;

Event Best of Forge '14

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As we near the end of the 1th month of 2015, the time has come to look back upon what we as a community managed to achieve in 2014, prior to the release of the Master Chief Collection.

After a lengthy discussion between REMkings, Psychoduck and Flying Shoe ILR, a joint decision has been reached amongst the HC staff to revive "Best of Forge".

Many of you may be sat back in your chairs like a resident Scooby Doo taking a big gulp and a resounding "Ruh-Roh" due to the utter shambles that was "Best of Forge 2013". Fear not however as this event is being hosted entirely in-house, so there will be no lack of communication with partners this time around. Further more there will be no judges this year either.

You read that right ladies? and gentlemen, the winners of Best of Forge '14 will be decided entirely by the HC community spread over a one month period of nostalgic discussion and...

Halo 5 Beta Now Available

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As you're reading this I'm pleased to inform you that the Halo 5 Guardians: Multiplayer Arena Beta is now available to download and play.

If you haven't downloaded the Beta yet you can do so by launching "The Master Chief Collection" and then selecting the "Halo 5 MP Beta" option on the "Extras" menu to begin the 10.27 GB download.

If you've already downloaded the beta, simply launch it from the "My Games and Apps" section on the dashboard to play.​


Over the duration of the beta please leave feedback on your experience of the beta over in the Halo 5 Multiplayer Arena Beta Discussion thread to voice you opinions on what you feel can be improved as well as to report bugs.
On that note, what are you waiting for? I'll see you on the beta spartans!

New Content Incoming, Prepare to Drop!

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Christmas is just around the corner (no peeking now) and rather than going cold turkey on us over the holidays 343i delivered some news gift wrapped to get us in the festive spirit.

Following the lacklustre launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection many of us were left feeling that the game felt rushed and that 343 had once again 'gone done a goof'. Fortunately although the game is far from a perfect state currently with custom games having persisting issues with high player counts, poor hit detection in Halo 2 Classic and long matchmaking wait times, the game is in a far better state than at launch and continues to see weekly improvements with 343 showing true dedication to ensure everything is functioning as it should as soon as they possibly can.

However 'fixing' TMCC is not the only thing on the cards with the recent announcement...

News July Ultimate Game Sale 2014

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The time has come once again for Microsoft to whip up a sale to try and pry us of the contents of our wallets with the July Ultimate Game Sale.

Although the sale spans both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, there is a real lack of content on Microsoft's latest system as all that's on sale on the Xbone right now is the digital version of Titanfall and the season pass for the latest cowaduty title. I know right? exciting stuff.

Fortunately however the Xbox 360 has a hearty collection of things on sale ranging from DLC, to XBLA titles, all the way up full blown retail games on digital download with discounts as high as 75%.

It's the usual fare from Microsoft though, a static selection of sale items and special one day sales (so fret not Xbox One owners, something worth buying might crop up later in the week).

Turns out no Xbox One content...

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