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Cool Deals with Gold: December 8th

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Let me just hijack this thread for just a moment to exclaim my excitement for the Rock Band 3 export this week and the potential for Halo 5's forge launching the week after.

Back on topic however with this week's deals with gold and there certainly are a few interesting items on sale.

Over on Xbox One it's Battlefield central with almost all BF4 or Hardline content at 50% off or higher. There is also another of the Killer Instinct fighters at $1 which I'm sure will come as a huge surprise to you, this week's fighter is Sadira (maybe your purchase might cheer her up).

The real deal this week is over on Xbox 360 with a selection of some of the Backwards Compatible titles on...

Cool Deals with Gold: December 1th

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Apologies for this being a day late but honestly, you're not missing out on much. :p

On Xbox One this week in the aftermath of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the lacklustre offers resume. The Killer Instinct $1 fighter offer is back on and once again is my recommendation for this week with the character Orchid currently on offer. Worms Battlegrounds is 80% off also due to being on Games with Gold for free earlier this year, I can't personally recommend it. If you're a new Xbox One owner however it's well worth the price of admission.

Over on Xbox 360 however, my opinion is that there is no contest...

Cool Deals with Gold: Black Friday Part 2

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Black Friday is here and the means many of you Americans out there are off work/school/college etc for Thanksgiving. For me and most others around the world though it's just another day. I'm off to work in a little while and need to get this post out toot sweet. :p

Out of these new deals only one new addition really stands out to me, and that's the Wolfenstein Bundle at 80% off. Containing both The New Order and The New Blood, this bundle offers excellent value for those of us out there that love a casual playthrough of a campaign shooter (or two) as well as shooting Nazis the face repeatedly (what's not to like).

For those of you without an Xbox One however I'd likely recommend that you buy one in the sales today with Halo 5 pick up...

Cool Deals with Gold: Black Friday Part 1

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Black Friday is almost here and the deals are flooding in so this week you're getting a two-parter (you lucky lot). Part one today including the week long Black Friday deals as well as the usual Deals with Gold (prepare to scroll). Part 2 will land on Friday itself with those one day/weekend deals which will likely blow these current ones out of the water.

Realistically today I think it's my best recommendation for you to wait just a few more days and see what Friday brings, as these offers will still be available then.

If you cannot wait however and are frothing at the mouth to spend, I recommend picking up Mirrors Edge for about $5/£5/€5. It's a rather unique title if you haven't played it before and is already backwards compatible on Xbox One.

As per the usual, all of this...

Cool Deals with Gold: November 17th

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It's that time of the week again with new offers available on Deals with Gold.

Once again this remains to be another week of unremarkable savings. Seeing as Black Friday/Cyber Monday is looming I'd actually recommend that you all hold your horses on any new purchases until next week as there are bound to be some excellent offers about.

If you've been buying the $1 Killer Instinct characters on Xbox One however, it is worth mentioning that this week's discounted fighter is TJ Combo. There are no offers that really stand out to me on Xbox 360 and none of the sale titles are currently supported via Backwards Compatibility.

As per the usual, all of this week's deals for both systems can be found below...

Cool Deals with Gold: November 10th

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This week's Deals with Gold are now live. So let's take a gander, shall we?

Across the board this week there seems to be a fairly random offering on both platforms with a slight sports theme over on Xbox 360.

On Xbox One this week once again I'll be recommending yet another Killer Instinct fighter for just $1. It seems that they're selling a fighter a week for the game at 80% off, which is certainly an interesting proposition seeing how there aren't many games in the "fighting" genre currently on the system. This week's fighter is Thunder.

On Xbox 360 there is a few decent options to choose from, with both...

News Site Update: New Forum Features!

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Yesterday myself and TACTICS made a few stealth updates to the forum end of HaloCustoms, right under your very noses.

The contents of which is a culmination of discussion from the entire Staff team over the past few months. So what's new?

Firstly we've given the site's trophies a fresh lick of paint with each one now having it's own unique icon. Hopefully this will make them overall more attractive to collect. You can check them out here or take a look at the preview image of some of them below if you're feeling lazy.


Fans of trophies rejoice however as we plan to integrate more of them in the future and have plans to make ALL trophies attainable in the future with the exception of the 10k Celebration rewards. Eagle eyed members might even notice that with this update we've already added 2 new trophies.

Moving on the...

Cool Deals with Gold: November 3rd

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Tuesday is here once more, meaning it's time for more Deals with Gold!

This week is overall fairly lacklustre with a few Halloween leftovers, reduced prices on Assassin's Creed micro-transactions and other games/dlc with no real set theme.

Over on Xbox One this week I'd likely recommend the Sabrewulf character for Killer Instinct. At just $1 it gets you a premium character to play the free to play fighter in case you want to scratch that online fighting game itch.

Over on Xbox 360 I'd likely recommend that you take a look at the wealth of Mass Effect 2/3 DLC on offer with all of it being 50% off, across the board. If you're a fan of this series and haven't completed the DLC campaigns yet, now might be a good time. I've...

Cool Deals with Gold: October 27th

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It's that time of the week again for the latest edition of Deals with Gold with most items on offer being Halloween themed.

On Xbox One I'm not going to make any suggestions for this week purely as Halo 5 is here! In fact why are you even here reading this when you could be playing the game. :p

If you don't currently have your hands on an Xbox One yet however, over on the Xbox 360 this week I'd be likely to recommend Titanfall Deluxe Edition at 75% off. For those of you still using the older hardware, Titanfall...

Cool Deals with Gold: October 20th

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The status quo has once again been returned with the Xbox 360's discounts reigning supreme to a point where there is nothing worth bothering with this week on Xbox One.

If you are looking for something new to play on Xbox One in the week's run up to Halo 5 I'd likely recommend the new free Lowriders Update on GTA V or if that's not your thing, why not complete the latest Games with Gold title; The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season? I've been told that it's got some easy achievements if you fancy boosting your gamerscore.

Over on Xbox 360 however there's a selection of content from the Fallout and Saints Row series' of games...

Cool Deals with Gold: October 13th

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The time for this week's Deals with Gold is now here and certainly makes for slim pickings with not much on offer to choose from on both platforms.

On Xbox One my recommendation for this week is Steamworld Dig. If you haven't heard about this game before, it's a Mining Platformer that takes inspiration from the classic Metroid and Castlevania games. Although it's only at 25% off it's a great game for the money if you're looking got something to play for the next 2 weeks until the launch of Halo 5.

On Xbox 360 this week, the contents of the sale are games you've likely played before within the Dragon Age and Grand Theft Auto series'. My recommendation to what's on off would likely be...

News Of Forge and Free Stuff!

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Greetings all. Recently the latest weekly update landed on Halo Waypoint and in it contained some further forge information and MCC content update details. Other details about such things as the animated version of Fall of Reach were also covered. If you'd like to read more about that, feel free to click on the above link.

Here however we are going to focus on those first main two focal points Halo 5 Forge and the current state of MCC and it's future content update, using quotes and images from the Halo Waypoint article and also additional insight/feedback/comments from myself in regards to each thing they had to show us.

Firstly let's move on to Forge;

Following the initial coverage we have seen so far, 343i has now provided us with...

Cool Deals with Gold: October 6th

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Another week has passed us by, meaning not only is Halo 5 just 3 weeks away but the new Deals with Gold are now available.

This week makes for a shocking turn of events, the Xbox One sale has better offerings than the 360! Seriously there is absolutely nothing I'd be willing to recommend on that platform this week.

To make up for this I'll make 2 recommendations for Xbox One, how about that?
Firstly we have Ultratron, a fun little $10 twin stick shooter that's currently 75% off. The price alone makes it certainly worth your consideration if you're looking for something to kill some time with up until the release of...

Cool Deals with Gold: September 29th

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Day late, Dollar short. If that statement doesn't mean anything to you, this post was meant to appear yesterday. Let's just say I kinda spent the entire of yesterday evening watching a pre-launch stream of a non-Halo title that I'm personally excited for. I know that's a terrible excuse, but I'm sticking with it.

One could say that my sudden 'laziness' could be a part of a theme. You may have noticed that my name has changed to "Badderrson" over the last few days, I assure you for my sake that it's only temporary. Experienced HC users might have already cottoned on to why it has changed at such a time, but if you're left wondering we have some Spooky goings on around here to explain tomorrow. So stay tuned for that.

Back on topic with Deals with Gold this week there are a wide array of titles on both platforms.

On Xbox One this week however I'll be recommending the...

Cool Deals with Gold: September 22nd

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It's that time of the week again. This week, Wallet May Cry edition.
Yes I am rather fond of these low quality throwaway puns BUT, swiftly moving on.

On the Xbox One this week there are a wide array of discounts across the board, what stood out to me however is Devil May Cry 4 and Alien Isolation. Although I haven't played nor do I know much about these titles, I do know that they are well received in their respective genres with both at sizeable enough discounts to be considered for purchase. If you're looking for something to play up until Halo 5 and have...

News Halo 5: Introducing the REQ System

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Halo 5 is now just 38* days away and already many of us are counting down the days to it's release almost like the countdown to Christmas. Today new information on the REQ System being introduced has been bestowed upon us.

You can find said information above in this informational video featuring none other than Mister Chief. It looks like he's been hitting the gym in recent years.

The video very much works like an FAQ and has a few gameplay clips in there to boot (nothing we haven't seen before mind) but manages to deliver all the details you might want to know with some good humour and shoddy animation.

Alternatively, if you are of the reading sort you can find more information on the REQ System over on Halo Waypoint.

Overall I feel that 343i have...

Cool Deals with Gold: September 15th

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Greetings all, another week's content of Deals with Gold for you all.

On Xbox One we have a fairly predictable sale on this week consisting of items that regularly appear as discounted titles. My recommendation this week is Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island; further adding to the main game, Storm Island adds a new playable area and over 100 new events (mostly off-road) as well as new cars and new achievements. Overall at 50% off for owners of just the Forza Horizon 2 base game, this makes for a compelling offer.

Over on Xbox 360 there is a selection of Grand Theft Auto and Darksiders content on offer. This week I'm likely to recommend GTA: San...
Cool Remember Reach
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Today marks a very special day on a Halo fan's calender, a day that will likely leave many of us feeling old. In case you wasn't already aware, today marks the 5th Anniversary of Halo: Reach.

Released on the 14th of September 2010, Halo: Reach was the second title in the series to follow characters other than the Master Chief as well as to offer as a prequel to the original Halo: Combat Evolved (Unless you read the book Fall of Reach, in which case you probably find the game's campaign to be blasphemy). SALTYSNAKEee is salty.


The game's existence (regardless of what you think to how it fits in with the overall Halo lore) is quite symbolic and poetic as it signifies Bungie going full circle on their 10 year legacy with the original Halo trilogy before the passing of the torch to our new overlords at 343 Industries.

To give you a refresher on Halo: Reach's campaign it...

News HC Weekly Recap June 30th 2015

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It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for this week's weekly recap (Monday's suck anyway).

There's no bulletin to use as a cheat sheet for me this week so I've ventured out into the interwebs to find out what's out there to give you that weekly dose of both Halo and non-relevant news.


Originally the plan for Halo 5: Guardians was for it to maintain split screen functionality, simply reducing the max player count from 4 down to 2 for the sake of frame rate preservation.

New information on this has however come to light. Eagle eyed twitter user 'bengvr3' spotted that the listing for Halo 5 on the Xbox Store now only lists the game supporting 1-1 players. You can see this twitter post in the image below.


Josh Holmes later made the following statement in response to this;


Unfortunately for...

News HC Weekly Recap June 23rd 2015

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Greetings one and all to your next edition of the HC weekly re-cap, where we take a glance at some of the things we couldn't be bothered to read online in the time since we posted the last one, with the exception of Hunt The Truth and RvB coverage as SOLIDSNAKEee is busy doing something in the 'real world' ("What is that?", I hear you ask. Perhaps we'll never know). I'm sure however he'll fill you in when he can find the time.

On to the News!

This weeks official Halo Bulletin conveniently covers most of the E3 Halo news from last week, if you're the sort whom is too lazy to read or simply hasn't kept up with the latest info from E3 this year.

To recap what's in this week's bulletin please find the bullet points below (you can click on the...

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