Standard Xel'ex

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Multi Flag CTF

It's a remake of Simplex from halo 4. It a highly requested map from the BBS crew and I couldn't just remake it block for block. I just don't roll that way I guess. So it has some additions to utilize the new sandbox here in halo 5 but remains largely the same. Frantic CTF game play is a constant and staple of the map with heavy emphasis on team work. The map also differs in it aesthetics from its halo 4 counterpart, as I went for a very Covenant look. Meaning lots of circles and purple.

The Layout:

On spawn one of the first things you will see is an over-shield in top mid on a very expose platform. Proper team cover will be necessary to take this powerful power up without wasting it, as you can still be killed while applying the power-up.

Underneath the Over-shield you will find a scattershot. It is a lot less exposed but requires you to venture out in the open. But if grabbed will allow you a great advantage in close corridors combat. In addition to a great variety of weapons there are several routes that you can access by using the new spartan abilities, such as clamber and thrusterpacking.

In CTF Modes Flags spawn in view of the enemy team on small circular pedestals. Due to the short distance between bases it is recommended that less competitive players set the total captures required to win a bit higher perhaps 5.

Weapons on Xel'ex

Scattershot X1
Needlers X2
Lightrifles X2
Plasma Rifle X2
Carbine X2
Bolt Shot X2
Supressor X1
Overshield X1
Plasma Grenade X4
Splinter Grenade X4

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-13 20-32-41.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-13 20-32-58.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-13 20-33-24.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-06-50.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-09-43.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-06-03.png
My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-01-15 12-05-17.png
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Latest reviews

Great re-imagination of Simplex (from Halo 4). The colors might be slightly confusing at times, but the lighting helps get your bearing right (when needed). Great balance of spawns and line of sights. CTF is the best gametype on here. Great job.