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H2A Wolf Creek

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Canvas
Skyward (H2A)
Supported Infection Gametypes
  1. Free Roam Infection
  2. Holdout Infection
Custom Gametype Name
Pommie Hunting
Wolf Creek

By TheMurdockMan

You and your companions come to a stop at a petrol station were your vehicle has run out of fuel, the area looks empty , but you soon find out your being hunted!

Wolf Creek is a small last stand designed style map.
There are two buildings, the Petrol station and the Cafe/Bar. Both building provide a lot of cover and there are 3 entrences in both building to give variety in chose for the infected to evade from. The petrol station is the slightly smaller buildings but provides more cover, whereas the cafe/Bar is slightly bigger with less cover. Outside there is a oil crane and some other ascetics. The weapons are scatters all over the map, all weapons have zero spare clips to make game more balanced. I have spent a lot of time balancing this map to make it enjoyable for the infected aswell as the survivors.

The aim of there game is to survive as long as possible before the round ends. The map was inspired by the film "Wolf Creek 2". It is set in astruallia

Gameplay video:
How to download:

1. Add my XBL GT: TheMurdockMan
2.Go to leaderboards.
3. Go to playlist scoring.
4. Go to halo 1, 3 or 4.
5.go to laso campaign
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Char1ie Fazzani
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