White Cell

Standard White Cell 1.0

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
Slayer, Strongholds, Multi Flag CTF
White Cell

Players: 4-8
Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Strongholds
Weapons: Plasma Caster 120s 1clip, Scattershot 90s 1clip, Needler 90s 1clip, BR x2, SMG x2, Lightrifle, 2 Splinters, 4 Frags
Powerups: Active Camo 150s

White Cell is a small, symmetric 4v4 map. The design partly comes from a map I made back in H2A called Magnetic which was inspired by Haven. I really hope you guys get a chance to get some games in on this one because I think it's the best I have to offer so far in this game. Thank you to anyone who has given me feedback and helped me test the map up till this point. I hope to get many more games in on this in the coming weeks so I can polish it as much as possible. Special Thanks to Box Knows for requesting that I revisit my work from H2A and for suggesting I rescale the map early on in the design phase.

If anyone gets any games in on it please feel free to leave me some feedback. Nothing is set in stone.

GT: Chronmeister
Map: White Cell
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