When Running Fails

When Running Fails Final

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Forge Island
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On the Move V2
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When Running Fails

They left the city with dozens, in the hope of hitting the road to salvation. Only few made it out. A small group of latecomers finally reached the highways, now in such a sad state of affairs that all chances of escaping seemed lost - leave alone any chances of survival. Or is there still hope? Team up with a buddy or two, board one of the remaining Warthogs and outgun the chasing undead. Prepare for a joyride.


"When Running Fails" is my attempt at a Drive or Die map, which you'd used to see a lot in previous Halo titels. Drive or Die maps, for those are not familiar with the name, typically consist of a large driveable area, which can vary from a huge desert to a long road, where the sole purpose of the game is to get in a vehicle and keep driving away from the zombies pursuing you. I myself am a huge fan of Warthog usage in Infection maps, so you can imagine I loved playing on these kinds of maps. Unfortunately, much to my regret, I have not seen any good Driving maps in Halo 4 yet due to the difficult-to-work-around-with layout of all 4 of the forge canvases.
It was therefore that I decided to give it a try myself. And now you're here to see the outcome.

Here are some self explanatory pictures for nom.

Important notes
There are two things you really have to keep in mind when playing this map if you want to get the greatest of pleasure when playing the map.

1. There is a huge trait zone just above the surface of the ground level. This trait zone only applies for humans and massively takes down their health, while also decreasing the damage they can deal to enemy players. In other words: this effectively dismantles attempts at camping. Because of the fact that all players have trait zones above their heads, zombies will quickly find you and take you down with ease if you're trying to break the game. So yeah, just get in a vehicle instead of walking around. It's more fun for everyone, including you.

2. I have used a modded gametype that allows zombies to sprint. This will come in handy when trying to keep up with the Warthog, so make sure to use this function all the way: you'll even have unlimited sprint.
3. There are some bumps in the road that couldn't possibly be smoothened out. These bumps don't effect Warthogs but they can slow down zombies walking into them. It is possible to keep running around the whole track without running into any of these bumps, though. Make sure to keep an eye on where you're running and you should be fine.

Finally, I'll give you some tips to apply on this map if you either want to increase your chances of survival or if you'd like to get some extra Infection on those nasty humans.
- Keep driving circles on the outer ring of the map. You'll be able to keep your speed at best, making it harder for zombies to chase you down. Also, generally you'll have great sightlines on the side, so zombies will have a harder time ambushing you.
- Form a convoy together with other Warthogs. Not only will you be able to guard each other, you will also prevent unfortunate collisions from happening, which usually tend to screw you over... and those not infrequently tend to result in your demise.
- If you happen to be riding shotgun, it is recommend to grab your sniper rifle and try to go for some no scopes on zombie players passing by. The auto aim makes it rather easy to pick up some kills, and it will also help out your buddy wielding the turret on the back, who in the crucial phase of survival will likely not be able to take on all zombies all by himself.
- If you're playing as a zombie; Make sure to keep sight on any humans (accidently) driving or walking around on the ground level. As mentioned before, they are now easy one hit kills and they also deal less damage, providing you a good chance of getting one or more sweet Infections and making the horde grow.
- If you're playing as a zombie; Try and flank the Warthogs driving around. This is usually accomplished best by cutting the humans off by estimating where they'll be driving next, and then hitting them from the side by surprise. This will likely slow them down or even turn them over, or in the best scenario even flip them on the side, making for a nice opportunity to leap upon this new gained meat together with your fellow undead.

How to set up your Drive or Die map
The gametype that accompanies When Running Fails, named "On the Move V2", can function as a universal gametype which you may also use if you decided to create your own Drive or Die map. I will quickly give you a few instructions on how to properly create a map of your own if you want this gametype to support it.
1. Zombies are a lot faster than humans in this gametype. Make sure you put the initial human spawns close to the Warthogs and to move the initial zombie spawns further away.
2. On the Move allows zombies to jump very high. Therefore, it is recommended to have multiple layers of roadways overlapping each other, so zombies can quickly traverse between the several levels by jumping on top of them.
3. Put a player trait zone just above the lowest surface of your map, that decreases the humans's health down to 10% and removes their motion sensor. That way you will prevent them from camping down there.
4. Both humans and zombies have waypoints above their heads, but this doesn't mean that you cannot add sightline blockers to prevent the zombies from dying all the time before they can even reach the Warthogs. Having multiple levels of roadways on your map will automatically function as a sightline blocker on its own so that's another reason to apply it.
5. The zombies are very fast and therefore are more likely to run into bumps in the road, making them fly into the air. This can be quite annoying when you're trying to chase down a Warthog so make sure to create a track as smooth as you can.

That should be all! I hope you will have give this map and gametype a download and enjoy playing it. Whether you're a great fan of driving the Warthog in Halo or killing off zombies/infection survivors, you're bound to have a great time.
- REMkings
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Latest reviews

This is a great Flood map. Obviously, it's very different from standard Flood maps because it's a drive or die map. This map is great for starting lobbies off and I highly recommend giving it a download.

Crazy fun can be had with this map with all the Warthog shenanigans people can do (like running into each other :P)
Hooray, a reply! Thanks for the awesome rating Zanny! :)
Aweeesooommee! *High voice
Nothing much to say here, it´s a great interpretation from one of the most popular maps in HReach!
Many curves and ways to drive for the humans/ go for the flood. I had a lot of fun playing it! Pretty heartbumping if you´re last man standing knowing that 13 zombies are behind you... xD

Only issue is that you could make the overall flow of the map better. Maybe let you help a little bit by a race forger? :D Because often it´s hard for the flood to run, because the pieces aren´t aligned perfectly...

4.7 Excellent!
Buddy Jumps
Thanks Bud! I know right, being LMS is a lot of fun. You're right indeed, I wish I could've done a better job with the smoothness of the map. Hopefully it will be better next time! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy the map!
Some of these kinds of maps have pretty terrible gameplay because of flaws....

Hahaha I'm glad you like it so much! I missed having these kinds of maps in Halo 4 so I tried to make an map alike myself. I knew what I wanted to do with the design and it all turned out surprisingly well. It's comments like these make it all worthwhile!
When i saw that you finally posted this I was extremely happy. This is by far my Favorite Joy-Riders Map. It isn't just a plain circle and it aquatically has a them; not only that the flood can sprint and they aren't to fast but not too slow without evade. You can't ketch up to the Warthog is driving in front of you, and over all this is just too good to pass buy. Guys i highly recommend downloading this because it is REALLY FUN AND WELL MADE.
It was hard to balance the zombies' speed because of the annoying bumps in the road that were quite hard to get rid of, but in the end it all worked out fine I think. Thanks, it's awesome when people recommend your maps to others. :)
I have played this map countless time and it has always been fun. The gameplay is fun for both humans and flood which cannot be said about many maps :) Brilliant Map!
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy being a zombie too; I tried to give the map a higher replayability by increasing the zombies' health. After all, nobody likes being slaughtered over and over again and it automatically makes it a bigger and more thrilling experience for the humans too. Thanks again for the nice words!