We are Imbound!

We are Imbound! v2

I wanted to add some honor rules that if followed will allow the game to play the best and be,the most fun. There no very big rules just simple ones that people exploit sometimes that ruin it for others.
1.when the gates open move to the next area
2.don't drive off on the warthogs till it's full
1.work together, the zombies take 3/4 a AR clip to kill, team shooting wins the game
2. Move on to the city asap zombies have a 15 second delay and it will give you a chance to ammo up
3.call out zombies, there's a reason the building are color coordanated.
4. Map is designed to make getting to the island a challenge, and surviving till the end a real challenge.
5.lag can cause issues with gates.
Small update
We are imbound! V2 update
Big improvements
-addition warthog added(3 total)

-final hold out area expanded

New to v2

-Soft kills over teleporter receivers
-Rock valley spartan laser replaced with sniper
-Weapons added to boat dock
1x suppresser
1x concussion rifle
1x sniper rifle
1x boltshot
- Sewer port to city reworked to be able to exit without crouching
- Spartan speed boast visual effect removed
-Updated game type(Imbound Attackers V2.5)
-teleporters added outside the flood spawn room for flood
-problems with map when lobby is full addressed
- turret added to boat dock at the end of the map
-over shields removed
-softkills added over teleporter receivers to prevent teleporter camping
-piece reworked to free more budget without removing parts of the map
Just a small tweek to health and speed