We are Imbound!

We are Imbound! v2

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Forge Island
DLC Required
Forge Island
Supported Gametypes
Flood, Custom Gametype
Custom Gametype Name
Imbound Attackers
Custom Gametype Link
We Are Imbound
Linear Infection
By Midwestchopper5

You are a ODST Imbound on a mission to excavate a rock valleyand the city beneath , you must holdout till the air docks shields are disabled. Then proceed to the city via the sewer system, but you must descend a great fall to take advantage of the opening of the sewer system.
You will then have to hold out in the city till the bridges shields can be disabled. You then take a warthog jump of faith to the boat dock. To where you will escape on the boats. The flood will be making this seemingly easy mission very difficult!
They have a pre established teleporter system, and know the land very well. You must work with your team to keep them your side or they will be converted and after you!
Mission layout
you will begin in your drop ship and will be dropped into the rock valley

You will now excavate the land, there will be flood defending the valley.
-start with assault riffle and pistol
-Pro. Vision
-x1sniper riffle
-x1 sticky detonator

After 60 seconds the first shield is disabled and you run for the airdock, and drop down the hole to the sewers.

You then make your way through the sewers and arrive at the city.

You will then hold out in the city, there are 3 holdout buildings.
Red Building
-x1concussion rifle
-x1regeneration shield
-x1plasma grenades

Cyan Building
-x1 energy sword
-x1 hardlight shield

Green building
-x1 pulse grenades
-x1 boltshot

At 1:00 the shield will be disabled and you will load up the warthogs and head for the docks.

you will arrive at the boat docks and you will hold out till the end of the round and if you do you won that round!
-1x concussion rifle
-1x boltshot
-1x sniper rifle
-1x suppressor
-1x scattershot
-1x rail gun

How the flood play
The flood initially start in the rock valley in the bushes. After they die they re spawn in the teleported room
-green teleport(rock valley)

-yellow teleporter(city) appears after 70 seconds
-blue teleporter(boat docks) appears after 3 minutes

About the gametype
Recommended player 8-12
-Use 1 flood for 3-8
-Use 2 flood for 9-16

-Spartans are 3 hit with slow recharging shields
-Each round is 4 minutes
Hope you enjoy the map, I have put allot of work into the map and it has been revised and tweaked over the last 5 months
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Map: We are Imbound! V2
Category: Flood
Overall Rating: 3/5


I have tested this map many, many times, with both this version and the previous version. The way this map was forged is the biggest contribution to the faults in gameplay.
There were certain areas that were designed in such a way that it made more sense to stay there than advance forward into the map. The first of these spots was the platform just before the high drop-down off the island. The only incentive for humans to actually make the jump down was to run out of ammo, and if there was only 1 or 2 zombies at the time they didn't stand a chance in a lobby with 10-14 players. The second area was the final runway before the vehicle ramp to the final platform. There is a soft kill boundary just at the end of the jump, but players can simply take the warthogs and camp just before the soft kill and never run out of ammo. Even without the warthogs, humans could camp out there with ease. Both of these areas need to be taken out all together or fixed with the additional of cover for the flood.
I feel like the final area is too difficult to hold out in and the starting area is too easy of an area to hold out in. In a linear flood map, you want more people to be taken out in the beginning and make the final area easier to hold out in, but with more flood to worry about. This map totally reverses this concept.
Also, in terms of the gametype, there are two major chnages you should make for the flood. First, you really should remove the damage boost effect from the flood. All it does is easily give away their position. Second, make it so that there are 2 initial flood, and make it so that the initial flood kill in 2 hits rather than 3. These changes should help out a lot in the beginning.

Therefore, the gameplay for this map receives a score of 3/5.


The aesthetics on this map are nothing too special, but they're far from being poor. The initial room and final platform are the highlights of this map's aesthetics, and they are well done. Nothing much more needs to be said here.

Aesthetics receive a score of 4/5.


This category, in my opinion, has the most issues. First off, the spawning. If there are more than 13 players on this map, people will start spawning outside of the map. I believe that this may happen because there isn't enough room in the ship for more than 12 humans to spawn initially, which leads me to my next point. Get rid of the ship in the beginning. It's a nice aesthetic, but it's also a major problem. Some humans would drop down from the ship and die upon hitting the ground. My advice would be to just have the humans spawn on the ground within a soft kill boundary, so those that are not playing will be killed off naturally.
My second issue was the area just after the first base shield. Before the jump down, there is still a gap in the wall that peeked the curiosity of many humans and caused them to kill themselves. Just cover it up. It's better than leaving it alone, even though it doesn't allow humans to effectively escape the map. Also, some humans who jumped down would land on top of the structure below rather than inside of it. There should be some sort of funnel so players land in the right spot.

The mechanics of the map receives a 2/5.

Overall, this map gets a score of 3/5.

If you have any questions about my review or about changes you should make to the map, feel free to send me a private message.
Okay, I´ve played it in a lobby of 14 players and there were a few issues. Here are some tips:
-Disable the Speed Boost and Damage Boost as appearance
-Make a more obvious teleporting system (maybe dices over the teleporters)
-We need more Warthogs! 4 people weren´t able to get to the port; four Warthogs would be a good choice.
-There should be a bigger boundary for the huge jump after the first hold out point, because many people landed on the roof of the building down there.

I really like the beginning with dropping from a Pelican! Try to involve the map with the tips and I´m gonna review it again ;)
I have updated the map and fixed most of the things you noted, along with other issues.If you get the time I would really appreciate a review for v2:)