Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
  4. Neutral Flag CTF
Wauzeka was created to honor my friend, Adam Bartels and his family, after their house fire. The plan was to simply recreate a two small portions of Halo CE's Halo level. Mostly consisting of a waterfall, and rock geometry. Although that was possible, it didn't have the "cool" factor I was looking for. Well, not "cool enough" for my taste. I also realized it was difficult to distinguished where I was, due to all of the rocks geometry looking too similar. So I scrapped the design and started on a more open one.

The new design is that of the last section of the same Halo level. But due to Lightmap restrictions, I'm not able to take it to the level I wish. So, I had to cut a lot of corners and remove a ton of details. In the end, the map became it's own with a similar layout of the original. To keep it separate from other maps (ie: remakes), I made the primary structures fairly different in appearance then their original counterparts. But it needs to be noted that I did not use any reference images/videos for this map. As I only want it to have a familiar feel, then that of a remake.

There are four team spawns. Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Red and Blue bases are pretty easy to spot. These two bases, each, house a sniper, magnum, SMG, Plasma Pistol, Speed Boost, Warthog, Gungoose, and a Banshee. They also house a few grenades (varied), Red base is seated high while Blue is low. Path between these levels are straight forward and impossible to miss.
Green Base is that of a fallen Drop Pod, where there's a Spartan Laser, Plasma Pistol, and a Mongoose. Between Green and Red bases is a sigle Ghost and a restricting sniper perch. This base is located in the center of the map. Yellow Base is at the same end of Red, base, but separated be a large drop and a wide space. Yellow base is that of a very simple structure. It houses a Mongoose and a Waith. It also has the 3rd capture Strong hold and a few grenades. Between Yellow and Blue bases, you'll find a large open space. This space is littered with trees and rocks for cover. There are also a few ills to break up light of sight and vehicle movement. In this area, you'll find a few weapons and grenades, as well as another Ghost.

Wauzeka is a VERY large and open map from the air. Hopefully the Spartan Laser, Snipers, and Plasma Grenades will help defend against them. No worries, I've made sure there are no areas for Banshees to land out of reach of other players. My major concern is that the map may be too large. That and the locations of spawns and weapons. The map is setup for Flag, Strongholds, and Slayer games.

Here's a simple video run through. Don't worry, I'll fix the Spartan Laser camera. I almost forgot to mention that both Red & Blue bases have two Man Cannons leading to top of each base.
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