Warhol 2019-03-13

ill ian314
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Supported Gametypes
Slayer, Capture the Flag, Flood, King of the Hill, Regicide

Warhol is a truly stunning work of art from the creative mind of a mad man. ill ian314 seamlessly blends color with shadow in the steamy depths of the Ravine canvas.

It's an asymmetrical map, comprised of four color-coded bases: Red, Yellow, Orange and Cyan. It was somewhat inspired by Sword Base.

ill ian314 stumbled upon some interesting physics exploits while building Warhol. For one, there's a yellow base shield which, if you look at it from behind a blue base shield found directly across the map, it will reveal the author's name: IAN-- but you cannot otherwise see the letters. You have to be looking at it through the blue base shields. Additionally, if you blow up the explosive buried in the yellow light, it will for some reason pop the yellow base shield located far above it, well out of range of the explosion. This will then drop a ghost directly in front of the vending machine found on the main drag, where it will immediately explode.

Warhol is built so low into the Ravine canvas that you'll actually start to time out if you crouch on the bottom floor, and the ghost will explode if left without a pilot on the bottom floor for even a second. It was intentionally built this low in order to maximize the visible steam.

All weapons and armor abilities are found within simple vending machines scattered throughout the map. In most cases, the best weapons are found in the most vulnerable vending machines. The vending machines, doors and elevators are all constructed with simple, fool proof mechanisms, to avoid jam ups and other errors. They're very reliable.

If you happen to miss an elevator and fall down the empty shaft, you'll be teleported high above the map where you'll fall safely into the top floor of yellow base.

You'll also find an interesting invention of ill ian's in the lower corridors of the cyan base: booby traps. It's a landmine contained within an extraction crate, partly sunken into the floor. If you bump it, the first explosion will be contained within the crate, which will despawn. The land mine will then immediately respawn WITHOUT the extraction crate. Essentially, it's a landmine you can set for other players to walk into. The extraction crate will eventually respawn as well, and can be used again.

There are a few other little tricks here and there you might find if you play around. It's aesthetically very cool, but more than that, it's a really solid map to play on. Ideal for 2v2 and 3v3, it's set up for Slayer, Reg, KOTH, Flood and even CTF. It's easy to get around and has great verticality. No jetpacks required. There are plenty of ramps, elevators and one weird cashew shaped gravlift thing to easily get up and down.

So few people play H4 anymore. If you ever happen to give Warhol a try, ill ian314 would love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment.

EDIT: I rewrote the description because I don't think people really got the joke that the old write-up was meant to read like an art critic's review, and so I felt I was doing ill ian314 a disservice. I hope this more detailed description is a little more clear.
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