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A training/warm up map for all halo 5 multiplayer. Use this for your disposal in perfecting your shot and working together with your team.

Map Layout

There are 4 rooms in this training map
-Home Room (Green Team)
-Core Room (Red and Blue Team)
-Gun Range (Green Team)
-Parkour Room (Yellow Team)
Each area is associated with a certain team color and teleporter

Home Room
This room contains all 3 teleporters to the different map areas (and a bathroom). This is the area players first spawn

Core Room
This is a map best for 1v1s to 4v4s and works for slayer, capture the flag, and strongholds. The red teleporter goes to a spectator box in the sky players can use to watch the game

Gun Range
This area is built for testing firearms. There are 5 gun ranges each for a different weapon. The far left is the SMG, then the Assault Rifle, Magnum, Battle Rifle, and lastly DMR. There are weapon racks beside each range. 4 target barrels are in each range that take 2 shots to destroy.

Parkour Room
This area is a fun honor rule game where all players try to jump around and knock each other off the floating objects with melee, spartan charge, and ground pound only. Try to avoid falling!

How To Play

Players start on green team when they load up the match. Players switch teams during the match for which ever skill they want training in. All players must not switch to the same color or the match will end.

Game Modes

There are 3 different game modes that will affect the core map
-UNSC Slayer
-UNSC Strongholds

This map is made by the ARC Gamers Forge Team. Thanks to all the members for there contribute and hard work. If you are interested in joining please go to and message me on xbox -ARC GuiltySpark
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