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Turf War
Hello, Halo Customs!

I'm back with my very first Halo 5 minigame! I've probably put more work into this map than any other I've created, so here it is:

Map: Turf War
Gametype: Turf War

Objective: This minigame is based in the Neutral Flag gametype and is team based (Red vs Blue). Many have likened this gametype to Nintendo's "Splatoon" as the objective is to spread all of your team's color throughout the map. The map is a small, breakout-ish arena with 12 separate floor panels; 6 red and 6 blue. Each one of these panels has an explosive barrel on top and a spotlight of the corresponding color. Players spawn with splinter grenades and a storm rifle and launch into the arena Breakout style to begin the match. You play Turf War by shooting the explosives on top of each floor panel; this triggers some scripting magic to change that panel and it's light from either red to blue or blue to red. Once all 12 panels become the same color, all players will be teleported to a separate room. If all panels are red, the room will be red with a 'floor' of red shield doors and vice versa. Whichever team changed the map to their color will be able to fall through the floor and score the neutral flag to win the round, 3 rounds to win.

This is a very competitive minigame. Players can kill each other and the traits are a bit modified. Thrusters recharge a bit faster and base movement speed is up. The storm rifles kill fairly quickly so make sure you pay attention to enemy players instead of just focusing on the colors. Earning kills is crucial as it gives your team some time to "paint" the map while the opponents are respawning.

Here are some screenshots to better illustrate the concept:

An overview of the map:

Turf War Overview.png

Another look from inside the arena:

Turf War Arena.png

The "scoring rooms". Teams teleport into one of these rooms depending on which team wins:

Turf War ScoreBox.png

The neutral flag spawns in the middle of the scoring rooms. Grab the flag and instantly secure the victory.

Turf War Flag.png

Here are some bonus gameplay images:

Me waving at the other team as we enter the arena:

Turf War Launch.png

Shooting at a blue section......:

Turf War Blue.png make it red:

Turf War Red.png

The spotlights make it a bit easier to check the map colors:

Turf War Lights.png

We changed the whole map to red and now have an opportunity the grab the flag:

Turf War Point.png

I was on red team so, naturally, red team won. We struck a pose with a gloriously red map behind us:

Turf War Win.png

So, there you have it! It feels great to finally post a Halo 5 minigame. I really hope you guys enjoy and I'm always looking for feedback so let me know if you try this one out. Thanks so much to all who helped test this map out. Make sure you bring your sweatbands for this one!

Cheers :beer:

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Instant classic. Comes in both sweaty and heavy sweaty.
Thanks so much for the rating! My goal was to make the sweatiest minigame around :P