Trun!! (2.0)

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Breakout Arena
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Trun!! for your live!

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Author's Gamertag: Roughsta

Size: 2-16 Player

(8 Recommended)
Red, Blue, Yellow & Green
Teams of up to 4 players.

Game Mode Name: Trun!!

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This is a Tron-bike inspired mini-game. It also comes with glowing trails, but without Tron-bikes.

In Trun!! with every step you take, you let single squares, or lines of floor disappear behind you, to trap your enemies.
Don't stand still!
After you touch the ground you need to keep moving or you'll fall in one of the glowing trench trails and get teleported to your death by the blue electron charged floor.

The trail trenches behind you are only lasting for 8 seconds, then the deleted floor squares respawn piece by piece.

You can nail and fling spartans to the floor with the black holes of the Void's Tear Plasma Pistol, or use the Vorpal Talon Sword to gain additional thruster hangtime and two thruster evades per cooldown to dodge attacks.

Every player spawns with 6 scatter grenades which can be used to take other spartans out of sprint.

It's possible to escape the glowing trenches by climbing out of them.

After the first 30 seconds of each round there will be 4 speed powerups spawning on the white crosses of the map. They are stackable and are letting you more floor disappear in a shorter amount of time. So you should fight for as many as you can get. They respawn after 30 seconds, so if the fight is still going on you can stack even more of them which can lead to crazy hectic battles.

The hover/air time for the thrusters is set to maximum for both aiming down sights and ground pound charge. So you can use that to save yourself from falling down the trenches.

Assassinations and spartan charge kills are also possible, so watch your back!

It's based on the Breakout game mode, so you have 1 life per round.
Every round lasts 2 minutes and the overtime limit is 1 additional minute.
Your team needs to survive and eliminate the enemy team in 5 rounds to win the game.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my creations, so please let me know if you like it or if you have any improvement ideas.
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