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Breakout Arena
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Author's Gamertag: Roughsta

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Size: 2 - 8 Players
Play with red, blue, yellow and green teams of up to 2 players.

This is my second Tron inspired Mini-Game. This time it's closer to the original light cycle races because you have to stay on a vehicle to survive.

"Delete the floor pieces you drive on, to stop and kill your enemies!"

Each team has a Gungoose, that leaves a deadly yellow glowing line of despawned blocks behind it.
The lines will only stay for 4 seconds, before the blocks respawn.

As a driver your goal is to trap or cut off your enemies with your line. The weapon of the gungoose can also be deadly if you get a good hit on your enemies, they will slow down and die.

If you are on the back of the Gungoose you can use the limited ammo of your Fuel Rod Cannon "Pool Of Radiance" and unlimited frag grenades to slow down or flip your enemies.

You have to keep on driving fast enough to not get killed by your own glowing line!

Every player has maxed out shield recharge and damage resistance, so only if a Gungoose flips or drives in a yellow glowing line (death ball teleport pit), the pilots will die.

Eliminate all enemies in 5 rounds to win the game.

If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas please let me know.
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