TRON: The Games

TRON: The Games

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Disc Wars Evolved
TRON: The Games

This is a mini game, similar to Breakout except all players begin with Swords. The aim is simple, eliminate the enemy team. I am a big fan of the Tron franchise so I wanted to create a map that gives the Tron feel to it. Dark atmosphere; neon lights dotted everywhere; metallic materials, but may be missing the cyberpunk-style costumes. Now my favourite part of the map isn't actually a platform or a set of blocks that look nicely decorated on a wall, it's actually what flies by now and then. I thought the map wouldn't be complete without a Recogniser drifting past the map, it also makes the map look alive and not deserted. However players don't get to look upon the Recogniers as much as I thought, can't blame them, if they did they would be dead. TRON The Games is quite fast paced. With the increased speed when wielding the Energy Sword, players are compelled to think quickly. I hope you enjoy this map, feedback is appreciated! I must also thank everyone of the FC community for helping me test this map!

Lumi Nova

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Luminous Nova
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