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From the depths of an ancient temple, a priceless artifact calls out, daring you to find it. The artifact has many names, in many languages, but it is most commonly known as:

The Whale of Victory.

Explore the temple:

and solve puzzle after puzzle:

Map Info:

Name: The Temple of Secrets

Gamertag: A Squid Loaf

Players: 1-6 (possible to play with more but not recommended)

Gametype: Slayer with unlimited time and fast respawns. (Use Puzzle Mode if you don't feel like making your own gametype)

WARNING: If you guess wrong on puzzles 2 or 4 (numbers and arrows), the map becomes unbeatable and you have to restart the map. This is the only way to make it so you can't just hit all the buttons until you get it right. The good news, is that once you know what to do, it takes less time to get to puzzle 4 than it does for the map to load, so it is only a slight penalty for guessing wrong.

Good luck everyone! and as always, thanks to the many testers who helped make the map better.
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