The Reliquary

The Reliquary FINAL

For some reason, the download links haven't updated to the final version. Please click here for the correct, final version of the Reliquary.
This damn thing. No matter how many times I update this map, the download button keeps taking me back to version 5.0. If you'd like version 5.1, please follow this link:
Somehow this link didn't take the last time I tried to update. It kept sending people to BETA 5.0 instead of 5.1. Hopefully, it'll work this time around. If you're interested in this map, please make sure you're downloading version 5.1 or higher. It looks a lot better than 5.0.
Touched up the architecture in the undercroft, fixed the typo in the description and a few other little things.

Questions I'd love help with:
- Should the teleporters in the undercroft appear earlier?
- Should the lava monsters move faster?
- Does there need to be a route that leads down to the undercroft from the upstairs?
Long story short: This update has taken forever because, after years of loyal service, my first generation Xbox finally succumbed to old age a few weeks ago. He is survived by my Wii and two controllers. He will be dearly missed. But I persevere in his memory. I borrowed my sister's xbox to finish get this update finished.

I took care of 99% of the frame rate issues. I had to change the water in the fountain to a shield door and remove the asteroid belt along with a couple of planets. But it's not all bad-- I was able to put the money I saved on that stuff to good use. I really only have one question left before I call this map finished:

Is it important to be able to travel down from the atrium (where the humans spawn) to the undercroft beneath it (where the zombies spawn)? Currently, due to the changes I had to make in order to cut down on the frame rate issue, there are three ways from the undercroft up to the atrium, but none that will take you back down. So my question is, does there need to be?