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The Reliquary

The Reliquary is a small symmetrical flood (ish) map made in the style of an ancient temple. It's currently in a testing stage and I'd appreciate any and all criticism, advice etc.. Especially in regards to ordnance and the game type and the timing of the gateways opening.

The Reliquary features an orrery (a working model of a universe), a fountain with running water, some cool ancient tombs and a few other surprises.

The game type is called Lava Monsters, which I made from the infection game type modded by synth92. I had to use infection as opposed to something like flood 2.0 because flood 2.0 doesn't spawn grenades on the map. Stats are towards the bottom of this post.

The planets, along with an asteroid belt, orbit around a yellow sun while shooting stars (energy swords) fly by every so often. This is on the ceiling of the main atrium. You can reach the second level by jumping onto the fountain or by using the grav lifts on either side of the atrium. Every yellow door teleports you to the opposite yellow door across the atrium (see the numbers on the map below).

Beneath the orrery is a fountain with running water that I built using station consoles. The lava monsters explode out of a secret passage in the fountain floor. The explosion is automatically triggered by the lava monsters as they approach the surface in order to easily open the entrance for them. The explosive is set into the middle of a blast shield and therefore can't hurt anybody, and in fact the entrance can safely be opened from above as well by simply breaking the pallet.

The tombs are one of two small holdouts. After exactly one minute into each round, a gateway opens up in the undercroft (where the lava monsters spawn) that allows them to teleport inside of one of the tombs to attack the survivors from behind. One of the other tombs is broken open, revealing a grav hammer, the last of the three tombs is intact and there's also a wide stone alter placed in front of the tombs to impede attacking lava monsters.

After exactly one and a half minutes into the game a second gateway opens up in the undercroft that will send the lava monsters to the second holdout, which doubles as the entrance where the survivors began.

The lava monsters spawn under the lava in the undercroft. There's a destructable wooden walkway that leads up to the fountain as well as the two gateways that lead to the holdouts.

All of the ordnance drops are random. The ones above the entrances to the holdouts have the following weapons with the following odds:
50% Assault Rifle
33% Battle Rifle
16% Sticky Gun
While the ones above the grav lifts have:
50% Shotgun (for ammo)
33% Assault Rifle
16% Battle Rifle

The Lava Monsters game type starts humans out with pretty standard fare; a pistol, a shotgun and your choice of a shield or pro vision. The lava monsters have 300% health, no shields, 120% speed, 150% jump, an energy sword and unlimited use of a thruster pack. Their lava-ish appearance comes from a combination of the damage boost effect and poor camo. The rounds are three minutes each, with three rounds in total.

A few problems that I'm aware of and would welcome solutions for:
- It's pretty hard to see when you're coming up through the fountain.
- The shooting star/sword misses the sword hole every now and then (that's what she said)
- There's a weird glitchy, laggy moment at the very beginning of each round, but it only lasts a second.
That's about it. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.

Special thanks to synth92 and ill ian314
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