The Lost World

The Lost World 1.0

Minimum Players
Maximum Players
Supported Core Gametypes
  1. Slayer
  2. Strongholds
  3. Multi Flag CTF
The Lost World
The Lost World features many iconic areas from the film! The map was designed for MAG start BTB Strongholds, however given the popularity of Infection on Jurassic Maps old and new, I created a new game type for players to enjoy on the larger Jurassic maps.

Jurassic Infection - Faster, higher jumping Infected! 2 "Last Man Standing" instead of one. Playing the cover to cover Infection that these maps usually have aren't ideal, so this option should be a nice change.

Map Design - The map is dark, it is night for much of the film, I really wanted to capture the darkness of the jungle in the movie. Some areas are very well lit and the spartans are fairly easy to spot, however the terrain can get a little bit dark. This idea was kept in an effort to play a bit differently. Should you choose to stay in the lighter areas or choose a darker path for a flank, it provides a unique option that is not found on typical maps. The layout of the map was fully intended for Strongholds with Magnum starts and really shined with that game type.

With our map, trying out the Battle Royale game type did not disappoint. Whether it be FFA or teams of doubles.

The weapons on the map help light it up as well, a good amount of time was taken to really land a solid theme with the night. You will find laser targeting, outlining, threat marker, and flashlight (Shotgun and Sniper) glares to be very useful and balancing.

Locations - The Lost World hosts many of the iconic areas of the film including: The RV area, you can get in the scout hog and slide side to side in an effort to pull the trailer back up!
The High Hide, various sightlines were balanced to see 2 of the 3 strongholds and has a targeting weapon near by (high risk, high reward area).
The InGen camp, a Chaingun Warthog is located here for an interesting option in addition to a few hiding areas and surprises.
The T-Rex capture cage, provides an interesting stronghold option and helps light the map a bit.
The Tent to waterfall chase scene, thematic cover as you run to hide in the waterfall.
The Long Grass, hmm... you can cross the map quickly, but it is treacherous, this captures the "Stay out of the long grass" theme very well.

There are lots of little areas that serve as easter eggs around the map. There is a Raptor, you can go into the waterfall, the shadow of the Rex head shows up within the central tent, Dieter Stark was eaten by the Compys, Roland's Gun complete with Tranq Darts, and probably a few more I am leaving out.

weeeeemann and I love a good theme and we are happy to actually accomplish this as we went back and forth a few times on how to make this work.

Thank you to CaptainDireWolf and A Beardzerker for helping us figure out how to make the scout hog "slide".

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