The Last King

The Last King 2.25

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In many cases through out the Halo series Forgers have tried to mimic mid-evil times in numerous ways; one being shields and swords. Well this creative Game-Type doesn't Stand alone.

For those of you who don't know my past and where I came from, well that's another story. All you need to know is that back during the time period of Halo 3, I made Game-Types like it was my Job. One being "Happy Ninjas". So I thought I get back into the swing of Game-types, after getting better at Mini Games. If you like these let me know and I be sure to try and make more. Any way now to get to the good stuff.

Game Play
This is a Game-type that was based on IR3C0N's "Arrow Slayer" Mini-Game, in the fact of rebounding shots of shields. The difference between the two is for the better of competitive game play and to have a chance of survival.

4vs4: feel free to play more if willing too.
Best Played on: Meltdown, Long Bow, Valhalla.

Weaponry and Upgrades
  • (Infinite) Fuel Rod Cannon
  • (Infinite) Base Shield
  • Dexterity
  • Mobility
  • (Natural) Shields Increased x Haft Normal
  • (Natural) Speed Increased x Haft Normal
  • (Natural) Jump Height Increased x Haft Normal
  • (Hill) Speed Increased x Quarter Normal
  • (Hill) Jump Height Decreased x Quarter Normal
  • Team Changing & Betraying off


Charles Stoot
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