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Project Chimera

Map: The Labs
Gametype: Project Chimera

The goal of Project Chimera was to genetically mutate human specimen to give them unique characteristics and abilities that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish as an average human. By mixing the DNA of an average human being and the DNA of any animal, the scientists' hope was to create a hybrid soldier with amazing abilities that can only be possessed by the creatures of nature. The only problem was trying to find a catalyst to control the genetic mutation. When a failed test couldn't handle the proposed catalyst, the test subjects underwent a genetic mutation without the limits of a supposed catalyst causing the subjects to become hostile and uncontrollable. Breaking free from their cells, an evacuation had to be issued.

The Labs is a linear style infection map based in an infested laboratory due to a failed genetic mutation getting out of hand. You and your group must reach a safe room on the opposite side of the facility.

The twist to this map is that with the large size of the lab, there are two distinct paths to take to reach the safe room at the other side of the facility:

The underground path takes you to the underground tram system



The upper floor path takes you through the rest of the labs.



You and your team must collectively pick which path to take as when one path is chosen, the opposite path is closed off.

A Chimera is a fire-breathing monster composed of several animals.

With the idea of creating genetic mutation hybrids, this Greek mythical creature came to mind thus Project Chimera was created.
I wanted to create a linear infection map where there was choice implemented into it. At first I wanted to create a pick and choose path linear infection map but due to limits in forge, I only made one choice at the start of the map.
This map is apart of a three part series following the story of the scientists trying to reach safety (Part 1), looking for a supposed cure (Part 2), and implanting the cure into the main mechanism and evacuating the laboratory (Part 3).


- Teamwork and communication is key (as with all linear infection maps) Holdouts become progressively harder as the map progresses.
- Weapons are usually supplied at every holdout but at times, there are some hidden power weapons which can really help the fight
- The infected are very fast so team firing and calling out the infected's positions are key to survival
- (Other than sprint) Clamber and thruster pack are the only spartan abilities at your disposal so use them well

- As said previously, the infected are very fast and are equipped with thruster packs, but to make matters worse, Alphas are able to sprint and really close the gap between the humans
- Although a single teleporter will lead you to progressive spawn locations, those locations at times will have multiple ways to get the jump on the humans
- The infected are quite weak but speed is their ally. Attacking the humans in large groups will cause utter chaos and usually the death of several confused humans

- Progression is absolutely mandatory. If you as a human or infected stay back, teleporters will spawn killing you if you do not move ahead in the map
- Everything on this map is based on a 4-minute time limit so each trigger occurs at a specific time so pay attention to the time counter! (See list below for time sequences)

Key: (___)
- Human triggers [___]
- Disturbed triggers
*Triggered by a button
**Shows how long the door takes to close, not when it happens

Underground Time Sequences (Down)
3:30 - [First spawn location opens]
3:15 - (Door button spawns), [Second spawn location opens*]
2:35 - (Button to start train spawns), [Third spawn locations opens*]
2:00 - [Fourth spawn location opens]
1:30 - (Emergency Exit door opens)
1:00 - [Stairwell Vent opens]
0:45 - (Door to saferoom opens), [Final spawn location opens]
0:30** - (Saferoom door closes)

Laboratory Time Sequences (Up)
3:30 - [First spawn location opens]
3:15 - (Door button spawns) 3:00 - [Second spawn location opens*]
2:15 - (Door to generator room opens)
1:30 - (Door to gondolas opens), [Third spawn location opens*]
1:10 - (Button spawns to activate gondola), (Fourth spawn location opens*] 0:45 - [Final spawn location opens]
0:30** - (Saferoom door closes)

So… I really do like making hidden secrets in maps that I make and besides hidden weapons around the map like this one

However, there is a FULL BLOWN multiple step easter egg that I created. The only hint I'm giving is this poem… (cause it's cool and mysterious and…why not)

What lies below
Cannot be seen
Destroy them all
Wipe it clean

If you head up and progress
The door will rise
If you go underground
In a room, it lies

While riding a machine
A bright light fixation
One stands out
The answer is activation

The finale awaits
What was once locked away
But you unlocked it's seal
Now rain destruction and dismay
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