The Killer Robot Factory

The Killer Robot Factory FINAL

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The Killer Robot Factory

I used gravity fields, station cores and a few other tricks to create things like conveyor belts (that are constantly moving explosives), an assembly line of Mantises, a set of moving pistons, a large crane and a number of other little details. I tried to create a fun and seemingly functional factory setting on this map. To add to the robot aspect of it, I armed some hovering security drones and an R2D2-like robot with auto-turrets. I posted it in the aesthetic category but you can play on it like any other map. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not so great at getting screenshots, but here goes...


1% vs the 99%

The red team represents the Greedy Corporate Bastards who run the factory. Their base is in the corporate tower. The blue team represent the Union Thugs. Their base is in the break room on the factory floor. The office chairs found in both of their bases are built with battle rifles that you can take if you need.


Building the Mantis

The Mantis comes out of a small, glowing building with pistons and on to the assembly line, which moves the robots along using a series of station cores turned on their sides. The Mantises wind their way around the conveyor, behind glass until they're sucked upwards, eventually being spit out of a spout-like contraption high above the factory floor.


Destroying the Mantis
The Mantis spawns closer to the blue team at the start of the match because their base is located on the factory floor-- but there are plenty of ways to take it down. The easiest way is by using what I call "the killing room floor" (see the map). The Mantis drops out of the assembly line onto a raised platform. If you go under the platform and get beneath it, you can easily board an enemy Mantis and destroy it. There's also a spartan laser hidden in the crane, a rocket launcher hidden near the pistons and an incineration canon at the end of the secret passage.


Kill Balls

Don't be afraid to walk through the orange glare of a kill ball. The only place a kill ball can hurt you on this map is inside the secret passage. Kill balls can't hurt you unless you're exposed to the core. Interesting fact: You can shoot out of a kill ball's glare/force field/ball wall but you can't shoot in.


Vent Shafts and the Secret Passage
There's a set of vent shafts that wrap around the factory walls that you can use to take cover from the Mantis. You can enter them where the explosives come out of any of the three conveyor belts and also by breaking down a "vent" (pallet) at one end. SPOILER: If you face the spout-like contraption that spits out the Mantises, and duck down to enter the hole at the end of the right-hand conveyor belt (where the explosives come out of), you'll see a railgun on the wall and an entrance to the vent shaft above it. But if you hug the far right corner, you'll be prompted to 'hold x to operate plasma canon.' Hold x and you'll get sucked through the wall into the secret passage. The passage leads down a vent shaft into what I call the particle accelerator. A kill ball spawns here and shoots through the tube every so often, so you want to run fast for the teleporter, which will take you to a secret room above the loading bay where you'll find an incineration canon. Technically, this room is in the walls and you're not supposed to be able to reach it. As a consequence/bonus, the walls of this room are kind of glitched and they appear invisible from the inside. You can see what's going on in the room below you, which is helpful, because that's where the exit teleporter takes you. So you'll know what to expect.


That's about it. There are a few more screenshots below. Please give it a download and let me know what you think in the comments.

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